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Considering all the FBI/CIA collusions going around, that is. ūüėõ

It’s quite sad that the only bit of interest in Sonic is the on-going retardation of the fanbase. I don’t know if this is some estranged attempt to troll people or not, but when you have a fandom that is so goddamned ignorant of reality, they make for entertaining posts.

A question for the fans… After the Dreamcast failed to gain enough support, Nintendo stepped in and helped SEGA find a new exclusive home within their company through the Adventure and Advance series, and these titles sold the most out of many and were the most popular Sonic titles, and to this day Sonic games on handhelds are considered the best of the bunch with the Rush series seeing fair praise and more…

First off, Sega didn’t need any help. They had been developing games across platforms since the 80s. Hell, they even supported the Neo Geo Pocket. For the most part, Sega had been making and porting a lot of their titles to the PC way before they thought of Nintendo. Also, the sales part is incorrect. Sonic Heroes on the PS2 sold more than Sonic Adventure 2 altogether. The Advance games barely sold at all, and aren’t referenced much because they’re mediocre and poorly designed after the first. Plus, Sonic games were competing against Mario and Pokemon on Nintendo’s turf. Sega has a much bigger advantage on a console where 3rd party games have a chance in hell to sell. Capcom was the only developer so far that could meet Nintendo halfway on their own turf. No one outside of the core fanbase even cares about the handheld titles, including the Rush games.

The myth of Sonic’s handheld outings being “the best of the best” honestly needs to be destroyed. Are they more enjoyable than the console games? By far, yes. Are they memorable? Do they leave an impact on you? Fuck naw. Wanna know why? The handhelds are only good for gameplay reasons. Content wise, they’re shit.

That would’ve been fine though had the content remotely resembled the console Sonic games (when they were still good at least). The Advance and Rush series were so goddamned bizarre, they felt like a completely different series altogether. You know what you’re getting when you play a Pokemon game because they all have the same essence overall. How the fuck do you expect me to compare Sonic Adventure to Sonic Advance when they’re so different in everything they do? You can’t draw any real connections beyond character appearances, it’s like a marvel cartoon and a marvel live-action movie.

It don’t work out very well!

So a simple answer, why do you hate so much for Sonic to be exclusive once more now on Nintendo consoles and why do you ridicule and burn SEGA over doing exactly what they did some time ago today?

Simple Answer? Ok. No one wants to buy a piece of shit console to buy a piece of shit game.

Sonic is not desirable enough to warrant the purchase of a new console, especially one as dysfunctional and confused as the Pii U. People don’t enjoy buying hardware because it’s expensive and usually only do so out of some perceived necessity. Most people don’t care what kind of Computer they get as long as they get to do what they want with them (porn online fuck yer).

There is no benefit to owning a Pii U like there was with a Wii. But a much bigger reason is Nintendo fans usually get inferior Sonic titles anyway. Sonic Unleashed Wii is a castrated mess, even if it is better designed, it’s boring and missing 2 worlds. The HD consoles have 2 generally more interesting Sonic games. You know why? Because Sega bought into the “casual” marketing hype generated by the American game industry that painted Wii owners as a bunch of unmitigated retards who deserve nothing but the bottom of the barrel. So Nintendo fans would be discriminated against with shitty games. That includes Sonic.

That said, putting Sonic on a Nintendo console means putting in less effort. That combined with Sega’s lacking care for Sonic in general and you have a deadly combination of chunks to blow. With that, you have LESS reason to be excited for Sonic games to be exclusive for Nintendo consoles. Nintendo fans have very low expectations and no real sense of quality which gives Sega a reason to put in NO effort. It’s harder to please HD fans considering the higher prices they have to pay (because they ALSO bought into the “used games” lie). Sega can essentially get away with not giving a fuck about Sonic by offering it to an audience that does not care about quality. Remember their 08 fuck it clause? Where they¬†blatantly said they were going to market it to children? Come on, a company that is too damn cheap¬†to rehire Unionized Ryan Drummond and lies about ingredients used in their restaurants (yeah, Sega owns food joints) and you expect them to put in work for a series they do not like?

Yeah, there’s just… SO MUCH REASON to support their decision now, isn’t it?! Fuck wit.

You loved seeing him on Nintendo consoles back then, and never cared his exclusivity with Nintendo then either, so why have have the tables turned today?

Because then Sonic went mult-platform. And Sonic saw much better success with the Playstation crowd even though they specifically can’t stand Sonic.

It’s easy to excuse the Wii considering it had a much higher install-base, and was a better console overall. Gamecube-wise, people had higher expectations of that console until around 2K4 when it was apparent that it was shit for anything outside of Nintendo. Though, people didn’t have a problem with Sonic on Nintendo consoles because most of the Sega fans didn’t move on yet. 2006, it was apparent to Sega fans that the HD twins were going to get vastly superior Sega games because Sega cares about hardware power above all else. That also meant half way decent Sonic games. Around 201o, it became apparent that Nintendo lost their minds and went batshit crazy, and so gamers had a mass exodus from them to the HD twins, including a good majority of Sega fans. So this new deal is considered a middle finger from Sega. To be punished by not being able to get a new Sonic game? Pff.

And for the record, no one outside of the Nintards¬†enjoyed seeing Sonic on a Nintendo console. It’s still very bizarre to see Sega supporting a former competitor like a crazed fangirl on prozac. People figured that it was just how it’s gonna be. But then Sega went multi-plat, and all bets were off. The nintards enjoyed it because to them, this was victory from the console wars. Nintards believed that Sony and Microsoft were devils destroying video games (It’s true to an extent), so they felt like an alliance from Sega would help Nintendo SAVE GAMING! Because Space Invaders never happened, right?

Everything else is kinda retarded and makes no sense.

That doesn’t even get into the crux of bullshit¬†you could find on official Sonic forums. 5 top reasons Mario is better than Sonic. In yet another vain attempt of Nintards to troll Sonic fans, we get the most undetectable source of it. But all you need is to read this one line for your bullshit detector to go off.

It can make a loyal Sonic fan wonder in frustrated exasperation “How? How?! HOW can Mario be so much more popular than Sonic?!” Well, I’m here to offer some insight on the issue.

Who the fuck needs insight on why Mario is more popular than Sonic!?¬†That’s common knowledge and for good reason. Sonic became irrelevant through developer disinterest and content fluctuation up the arse. You don’t need to go any further beyond Shadow the Hedgehog to understand what went wrong.

What more is that I have to laugh at all of these reasons.


Since when? Last time I enjoyed a Mario game was one with NO content (NSMBW). That’s not above and beyond. When the majority of your Mario fans like the 2D games more than the 3D, and the company in question DELIBERATELY sabotages the 2D games to push people toward the 3D games, that’s not going above and beyond for fans. That’s going above and beyond to flip them off.

the Mario developers still manage to serve their fanbase using a method not many developers use: finding out what the fanbase likes, and then offering something completely unanticipated.


Now, the way I write this makes it sound like any other developer/fanbase relationship, including the negative connotation that comes from the phrase “completely unanticipated”.

Because that’s exactly what it means. Notice how he doesn’t draw any examples of Mario 64, Sunshine, or Galazy? Because the negative connotations come straight from those games.

When you have a series with an established “style”, then you have a fanbase with “expectations” for that “style”. 2D Mario outsells 3D Mario because it served the expectations that haven’t been served for well over a decade due to Miyamoto’s refusal to the idea. Nintendo KNOWS what their fans want, but they’ve refused to do exactly that. The features in 3D World? Mario fans wanted that for NSMB. They don’t do so and continue to stagnate the series to destroy it. But they put those features in 3D Mario, games that Mario fans statistically do not want over 2D Mario. Mario fans, much like Sonic fans, do not want bullshit fetch quests and gimmicky levels. And that has become the standard for 3D Mario. Mario games used to have “action”. 3D Mario isn’t about action, it’s about intricacy. Gamers don’t like intricacy. Nintendo does, and they FORCE it on the fans.

If Nintendo really cared what their fans want, they’d put some of those nifty features from 3D World and the content from Galazy into New Super Mario Brothers. But they won’t. Why? Because THEY don’t like New Super Mario Brothers.

To this day, if you tell ANYONE that NSMB outsells Mario Galazy, they will use all the bullshit reasons they can find to justify it. But it undeniable that the Mario fans really want the RAW shit! Not the cut. Nintendo knows this as well, but they damn sure won’t serve em.


I could name a few Mario titles where I feel that some concept was underdeveloped or just didn’t belong.

Notice he never names specific Mario titles to illustrate his point. This is an attempt to downplay the negatives of Mario games in general. Everyone will agree on Sunshine being a turd, but are hesitant to do so for Galazy 2, Super Paper Mario, Mario vs Donkey Kong, Mario Pinball, Mario Sticker Star, Yoshi’s Island, Mario Party, Mario Golf, 3D Land and the like.¬†No, they target New Super Mario Brothers as if that series was the very spawn of Yurugu himself. This pisswad deliberately makes apologetic statements about Nintendo making idiotic decisions for gameplay changes that make no sense.


Oh look, he’s beckoning more discussion about Sonic 06. Nevermind that Sonic games have been more polished since that tragedy and people still don’t buy the Sonic games.

Polish doesn’t make a successful game. Any Capcom fan could tell you that. If a game plays well enough, all the bugs in the world would not stop it from selling fuck tons if it makes gamers erect.


I find it funny that I’ve never seen these types of discussions until after I started this blog. ¬†But if you wanna talk about rude and crude, lets bring up the Mario RPGs, SPECIFICALLY Super Paper Mario which is the most juvenile game I’ve ever played.

If there’s one thing that never remained consistent with Mario, it’s being cool.


After all this talk about identity, boundaries, polish, pandering, etc., you might feel confused. It is a lot to take in, and there’s more to these concepts than I will ever be able to talk about. However, there is a common thread to link all these points together, a source that gives the Mario developers the ability to do these things I’ve stated. What is this mysterious variable? It’s confidence.


If Nintendo was confident in Mario Galazy, they wouldn’t be moving away from it to make games to attract the NSMB crowd. If they were honestly confident about their main series Mario games, they wouldn’t change up every single installment trying to find a foundation to build up. Sunshine, Galazy, and 64 are ALL different in gameplay and content even though the objectives are the same boring bullshit as usual. If Nintendo was confident in Mario Galazy, they wouldn’t feel the need to teach people how to properly play it by putting in a DVD in a sequel that is more desperate to defeat NSMBW than a proper continuation of a series. They had to BULLSHIT themselves in thinking that no one bought Galazy over NSMBW due to “accessibility” issues. Because of their incredible hatred, they are scared shitless of the inevitable fact that 2D Mario is king. They aren’t confident at all, they’re batshit insane.

Miyamoto does not like his previous works and would prefer changing Mario for the worse. Mario Sunshine is proof. Yoshi’s Island is proof. Sticker Star is proof. And yet, he gets his ass running back to recycling content from old Mario games. If he was confident in his abilities, he wouldn’t need to look back to the days of ol’. Or rather the investors lack faith in him.

What Nintendo’s real deal is arrogance in believing they can dictate quality. But when the fans truly vote with their wallets, oh the excuses roll out like fine wine. “Poor marketing, accessibility issues, oh they don’t want so an so” and onward. If they were truly confident, they wouldn’t have to make excuses for their products not meeting a sales goal. Or being outsold by something else.

No, really, Sega fans can smell bullshit a mile away, but this asswipe has these folks goin like this is a legit examination of Nintendo and Sega. Sega simply doesn’t care about Sonic to perfect them. Sonic is not popular in Japan like Phantasy Star, Yakuza, and Virtua Fighter. There is much bigger priority for Sega to attend to Japan’s needs, and Sonic is not one of those needs. Sega also has no console, so Sonic is even less of a priority to maintain. The point of a mascot was to sell a console and your company as a symbol of quality. Without a console, Sega has no motivation or shits to give for Sonic. That’s the entire issue. Mario is big worldwide,¬†so Nintendo can’t afford to fuck up. Even when using a formula THEY KNOW DAMN WELL is not loved.

Then again, there is no reason to expect anything from a Sonic forum that is dominated by Nintards.