That’s reason enough to remove it.

Destructoid, I am dissappoint.

In a strange move that no one understands, everyone’s favorite Mario factory has recently removed original Wii U pack-in Nintendo Land from the system’s eShop. Exactly when, we’re not sure. NeoGAF users found the title gone from the digital store, and according to some it’s been gone for awhile now.

Of course, this only applies to the North American store for whatever reason and, as reported by Nintendo Life, UK Wii U owners are still able to purchase the game digitally at full price (the price cut never made it overseas).

Some people are suspecting this is a push to sell remaining copies sitting on shelves (HAHA) (as new pack-ins are making its way into future shipments of the console), and their next thought being — I assume — Nintendo Land will one day make a mysterious return to the digital storefront silently in the night when we least expect it.

What’s missing from this whole piece? Information about Nintendo Land’s success in the eshop. Without those details, we can go on saying “we have no idea why Nintendo would remove this gme from their shops!” But we can assume the most logical reasoning is that it’s not selling at all. It’s a repulsive title on it’s own, and insulting as a pack-in title. Why include it on the Eshop at all?

I also love how the UK is all of a sudden getting special treatment from Nintendo. Last I checked, the entirety of Europe was on Nintendo’s list of “No fucks to give about”. Last I checked, you catered to the Japanese and the Americans. Now all of a sudden, because the UK has displayed constant bad taste over the last few months, now they’re going to be your next target? I suspect it’s because they bought up Wind Breaker HD.

Europe must be considered an “artistic” continent if Nintendo thinks they can leverage them for anything. And full price!? $60 for lame ass Nintendo Land?

Nintendo has lost their minds more than Sonic has.