You know what they’re saying? “Buy this fucking awesome shit and have a blast, you mopey fuck!” It’s also saying “Your cock will thank you in the morning. We guarantee it!”

I am buying this shit. I don’t care. Even though it’s advertising gameplay features, the game itself looks fun anyway. DBZ combat with more than 1v1!? In a more awesome way than X-Men Legends!? OH FUCK YESH! Chaotic fights are something I live for. 

You rarely get commercials like these. Nowadays, you get shitty advertisements with some dull teenager with the most unenthusiastic tone I’ve ever heard.

Or some obnoxious try hard wannabe “hip” asshole.

No, DBZ awesome guy is HYPED THE FUCK UP! “WHAT’S THIS!? NO WAY!”

God damn, Sega and Nintendo need to hire this son of a bitch!