Iwata admits Pii U is a failure.

How does he plan to divert this? By releasing games that won’t sell.

If NSMBU could not sell the Pii U, Mario 3D World is destined to fail in the same regard. The fanboys will flee to vgcharts proclaiming the game is a success based on life time sales (ITS PROFITABLE!) and miss the big picture that the console itself needs to be sold due to said game.

An HD console that is getting ass raped during an economic freefall environment = those profits mean dick.

But aside from that, he mentions failing as a Wii successor. What did you expect? How can it be a successor if it doesn’t even follow in the Wii’s footsteps?

Wii was popular because of 3 things.

1. Pricing.

2. Accessibility.

3. Better value in games.

Pii U has NONE of that, and it’s doing worse than the lamecube. It could never be the successor to the Wii because it is the ANTI-Wii. It follows the same mentality of the PS3 in that it cares about it’s own features than your own enjoyment and convenience. It has a controller more hideous than the N64 and Atari Jaguar combined. And virtually no appeal.

Seeing as Japan is regarding mobile devices as more important than ever before (a majority of their RPGs are ending up on 3DS and vita more than consoles), I would assume it’s best for Nintendo to focus strictly on the 3DS and dump the Pii U. There’s no benefit to it’s presence and was defined with no real purpose or logic to it’s design. You got Pokemon XY out, that will do fine to get people to buy a 3DS. But for Pii U, there’s nothing. It’s just a big dumb screen attached to a console for no apparent reason.