Start the Water works.

I don’t know why a review score of a video game is a worthy news topic for yahoo, but w/e. I’m certain all the nerds will be having a ball considering how much sleep they lose at night over the mere mention of this series. Even though the damn thing will still sell faster than sex on the street.

Call of Duty is a series that was capable of generating plenty of tears from it’s detractors simply because of it’s astounding success, even in Japan of all places. Seeing reviewers express fatigue from the “same shit, different name” syndrome is a tad odd, I’ll admit. And I don’t even know what Battlefield is to care.

Aside from RE6, I don’t see any real reason to despise the series based off the fact that it’s a military shooter. Yes, there’s hundreds of these games on the market today mainly because they’re chasing after that success, but it’s not like owning a Wii and going to the stores to find nothing but the same fuckin shit on the shelves, and being forced to go to Amazon for all your shopping, the HD types have a large variety of games to pick from that outnumber the Military shooters by a vast margin. If you are still getting games that are not COD coatails riders, then shut the fuck up about COD and enjoy yourselves! The only time you’d have to worry about COD is when every game is a military shooter.

I also like the excuse of Nintards about why they run to Nintendo consoles is because of Call of Duty. COD is the S06 of this entire generation. A plague to all, a hindrance to none.