If Sega should listen to anyone from nintendo, it should be Tsunekazu Ishihara

Ok, yeah, there’s some retarded detective pikachu which will probably sell fuck tons, but that’s aside the point. Everyone keeps saying that Sonic Team should take pointers from the Mario franchise, but I ask why bother? Mario sells on his name brand more than anything else now after they killed NSMB. The large majority of Nintendo games continue to dissappoint everyone except Metacritic, and Iwata’s consistent track record of apologies for broken promises never fail to amuse.

On the other hand, Pkmn XY keeps people happy.

While I probably won’t ever play the game due to personal fatigue of trying to catch em all, I’m sure XY is still a fun series. Black and White certainly blew the 4th gen pokemon games away and returned to the simple rules of “water beats fire”, and that’s the fucking end of it. No silly ass methods to obtain pokemon like honey trees or braille translations, no extreme hardcore nerd focus on EVs or poffin for beauty, and not a lot of research to do online just to catch anything. Go back to basics, and the games will feel right at home. I didn’t play BW2 knowing damn well that shits a rip off, but I digress. Every pokemon game (sans RSE) has had elements in them that made them fun almost…. 90% of the time. And consistently too. How, out of all Nintendo franchises, did Pokemon remain untouched in it’s fun factor?

Perhaps it has something to do with Ishihara’s own philosophy on making games.

When it comes to marketing, Ishihara doesn’t focus much on making something for the purpose of selling, as he looks into his own “playful heart” more than anything. Unless he’s satisfied with a product and personally thinks its entertaining, he won’t give it the green light.

Ishihara thoroughly plays them to make sure it meets his standards regarding what he considers to be entertaining.

IE, he goes into game design with making sure the game is actually FUN to play, first and foremost. Most game designers do not understand this concept as they believe that “polished gameplay” alone makes a game fun. It’s alright if the game plays well and works the way it was designed, but it means absolutely nothing if that gameplay does jack shit for the player. Of course, Sega doesn’t care if their Sonic games are fun to play at all (and neither do ALL developers aside frm Naka and SOA, it seems), so they push out product without any regard for the fans entertainment value. Since in Japan, Sonic is not famous, so the focus on making good Sonic games is bottom priority. It’s ironic as they keep making Sonic games to sell and make money. It’s a disgusting practice they will never grow out of. If you focus on just making a product to get cash quickly (IE NSMBU), then everyone will not respond to it favoribly.

Do Sonic games get any play testers outside of possible focus groups that may very well skew the perception of the quality of the game in question?

I believe that when the makers get tired or bored of making, that’s when it should immediately be stopped.

Who at Sega wants to make a Sonic game? None of them. So why contnue making Sonic games? Because it’s the only series making money. So why not hire people that legitimately WANT to make a bad ass Sonic game? Because they’re too stupid. They’ll keep ramming out shallow titles just for some quick cash.

When it comes to continuously providing something new, to a degree, it also means losing some of the older good qualities it originally had,” explains Ishihara. “Then you take that, and make it into something that can be accepted by everyone, by cautiously implementing new ideas. That is where we have to put in untiring effort—or rather, you could call it a challenge.”

Sega throws caution to the fucking wind when it comes to implementing new ideas. When it comes to providing something new, it means losing some (or all, really) the good qualities it originally had. IE, Sonic lost every god damn thing. Think, Sonic fans are in civil in trying to figure out what Sonic is about. How much fluctuation in content and gameplay did it take to have a fanbase THIS divided? Many folks would consider going back to the roots as a means of returning to Sonic’s sensible mind to fix things. But it is shown that Sega DOESN’T want to go back. That’s why Dimps was allowed to ram their “speed craze” into the games, turning them into glorified rollercoaster rides with no soul or substance. Spectacle be damned.

Now, we have claims that Sonic has an idetity crisis. Afterall, Lost Mind is Mario Galazy 3. And everyone thought this would fix everything. Nothing was ever fixed by putting your face on another identity. African people will never fix their lives by stamping their faces on white power, what makes you think stamping Sonic’s face on Mario’s fame will be an automatic win button? Staying true to your own essence is the key to your own liberation. But who am I kidding? Sega is gay for that Italian sausage.

While Pokémon is known for having most of their success in a market towards children, when Ishihara is working on a Pokémon game, he doesn’t make it while thinking exclusively of the younger audience. He also thinks about the audience’s generation, race, gender, and what he feels they would find amusing, as he works on a game.

Wasn’t this something that Yuji Naka once said? To think of international appeal? Where is the international appeal for ANY of Sega’s current titles!? You can’t. Sega is Japanese focused almost exclusively to the bone. And young children? Young children aren’t that easy to amuse. I think Disney learned that the hardway with their Winnie the Pooh films which catered to a children audience and all failed at the box office. If Sega thinks they’re slick enough to try that kind of shit with a series that was UNIVERSAL in it’s appeal, they got another think coming.

“If we settle ‘amusement’ in a halfhearted manner, then people won’t look twice, so we must thoroughly make it into something that can be considered amusing, and not stopping until we achieve this, is what’s important.”
“If there’s even one person who says that this is just for play, so it’s a little boring, then it’s an issue that must be fixed,”

How many Sega games do you like to replay over and over again? Zero? Me, I got Super Monkey Ball. No bullshit.

I can’t even look at any other Sonic game aside from Shadow the Hedgehog and Secret Rings to enjoy. That’s honestly the last 3D Sonic games I have yet to stop playing. It’s sad as this was the game that destroyed the franchise. Sonic games these days are only good for a first time experience, and then you just want to dump them as soon as possible. Shit, we played HEROES more often than we do Generations. Colors is a 1 day rental, and Unleashed is too frustrating to enjoy.

Sonic was a spectacle series from the get go, but the old titles had substance. Even the Adventure games had substance. That was LOST after Sega made their exodus from the console business. So now they just make games (all of them, really) with only spectacle and “hardware showcasing” in mind. They make nothing outside of Super Monkey Ball replayable after the first time.

Keep in mind that Nintendo’s games are in the same boat outside of Pokemon. Brawl’s too shitty to go back to.Pokemon remains fun despite the casual fatigue most would feel from constant battling and catching, etc. So for all the nintendo fans that keep saying Sega needs to take advice from Nintendo, I agree. Just no one named:

1. Miyamoto

2. Aonuma

3. Sakamoto

4. Sakurai

5. Whoever keeps making those gay ass Yoshi games.


7. No one that Nintendo fans actually care about.

No, people like Ishihara have sense at Nintendo (or the Pokemon Company if you anal retentive cunts want to get into details)