But you cannot be serious.

In what many would call a “naive” desire to push the blame on the complainers (the “original sin” defense), this is one of the more poorly thought out defenses out there. The main point that the author (poorly, and I mean POORLY) tries to make is that:

SEGA is showing fans that they cater to those who are open and loving towards the series.

This is perhaps the most bullshit reasoning I have ever encountered. Knowing full well Sega could not give two ounces of a rat’s ass about their Sonic fanbase for ANY reason, all of which could be gathered by an interview on why Sonic Heroes was actually created.  Titled… “*(Why Adventure Fans Lost What They Loved In 2006)*”

Because they themselves destroyed their chances of another title in their preferences because of their own reactions towards this title and their behavior towards SEGA and its staff.

Granted the reactions to 06 was fucked proper and is comparable to that of a witch hunt, This is one thing you can’t put on the fans. Especially since Internal staff actually admitted that Sonic 06 was a rush job and was their responsibility, not that the fans were any cause of concern. The only time they blamed fans for anything was when  people raised hell about the Werehog. But by this time, we were already on edge. After Shadow the Hedgehog, the game that IS responsible for destroying the franchise, and 06 hyped to almighty hell and failed on every account (no matter how “nice” the ideas seemed), a Zero Tolerance rule was put into effect. You honestly have no idea how much weight the Sonic series held. Sonic is a gaming icon. And Sega’s mascot. Mascot characters/franchises usually get better respect and are handled with care (most of the time) because they are the FACE of the company. The mascot’s reputation becomes synonymous with the Company’s reputation. Mario never gets bad press, even with the SHITTY 3D titles they keep putting out, so Nintendo’s image is clean despite ruining the Zelda franchise and KILLING the Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero, and soon to be the Smash Bros. franchise. The Mascot has a clean slate, so Nintendo is the green.

Mega Man is a forgotten relic and Capcom is now broke.

Where the fuck is Pac Man and why isn’t Namco considered a presence in the industry beyond a fighting game series with lagging sales?

Does Konami even have a mascot?

No one cares about Bomberman anymore, and Hudson Soft closed house.

You are NOT, and I mean, NOT allowed to fuck up your mascot’s image for ANY reason. It is something that must be handled with a delicate touch and if I may sound gay, “love and affection”. Sega has NONE for Sonic the Hedgehog. You know why? Because Sonic doesn’t appeal to the Japanese. And that is Sega’s primary concern. If they have any franchise (successful or otherwise) that does not appeal to the otaku oppai fuckwits of the rising sun, they will destroy it, drop it, anything that means they don’t have to worry about it. It happened with Eternal Champions, I’m almost certain that’s why they refuse to make a Streets of Rage 4, or work on any franchise that got their start on the Sega Genesis because it reminds them of their inferiority to Sega of America. Whatever the reason, Sega does not give a shit about Sonic the Hedgehog, and we have every right to be pissed off. We grew up on this shit, and they shit all over it because an audience that doesn’t even like their own games is Japanese. Why do  you think they make so many shallow RPGs with hentai artists?

So, really, when I read shit like

Nobody who has been insulted so deeply by the people they wanted to please most would want to do something for them again for quite some time.

I can’t help but feel twice as insulted. It’s their goddamn job to serve us. I couldn’t give a fuck if their feelings are hurt. They’re lucky enough they still HAVE fans that support the franchise. I got a job that pisses me off everyday, and customers don’t give us money for it. Some even curse us out! So what do we say? “The customer isn’t right”? We’re told to suck it the fuck up and get back to work! Most of us work shitty jobs that are just flat out soul crushing anyway (mine included). What makes game developers so special? Because they make something you like, you feel it’s in your duty to protect them from….. warranted criticism?

This is something the GTA5 fanboys fail to understand when a critic gives their precious a 9/10! Same with the Zelda bitches who couldn’t stomach an 8.8. The unwillingness to accept what they give us is not a FAILURE on our part. That shows integrity and Capitalist-given free-will to demand better. This is what a customer, nay, a FAN should demand. Every game since 2005 has been a stream of mediocrity that, while there is some fun that could be gained from, shows that Sega treats the series as nothing more than a commodity rather than something that has “arrived” for our pleasure. Like an event. Instead of that, lets make ten million crappy spinoffs that will further devalue the franchise. Who the fuck in their right mind would accept that with open arms!?

I was once like this guy, blaming the fans for the majority of Sega’s fuck ups. But that came from a lack of understanding Sega internally. Sega doesn’t care about Sonic fans… at all. Why? Because Sonic fans are majority in America. That’s since shifted to Europe because Americans got tired of Sega’s bullshit.

I will admit just like any other that the game had unreasonable loading times and often progress halting glitches, but none the less it was for those fans, and SEGA wouldn’t have made the next game for them with these issues had the fans not caused them to WANT to cater to others more-so instead after the abuse and wide spread promise of abandonment of the franchise by these fans.

This is funny because we don’t have the exact details for why Unleashed was made. We know that Heroes was made simply because Iizuka did not want to make an SA3, but unleashed, the most we DO know is that Werehog was put in to deliberately pad out the game, and THAT pissed off tons of fans. Padding is bullshit. Fans don’t like bullshit. You stop putting bullshit into the games, fans stop pissing in the wind. That’s how things work.

The rush of the games development was to blame primarily on pressure from Sony and Microsoft wanting it released on their systems for the holiday season, but it is indeed to blame on SEGA’s part as well rushing to release it on the 15th anniversary of the franchise. No one person shoulders the blame on this title.

Bullshit. Sega should’ve been the one to man the fuck up and tell them “look, we can’t release the game like this, it’s incomplete and won’t be finished until a few years down the road”. 3rd Parties have MORE SWAY over Sony and Microsoft than they would with Nintendo, and if Sega wants to pussy foot around Sony for any reason, then YES Sega is to blame. Capcom made demands to put Mega Man X4 on Playstation under the condition that it remains 2D OR they won’t see any support from them. Capcom has more balls than Sega!?  What fuckery is this!?

But that’s all bullshit anyway, Sega had poor internal management going on since Yuji Naka decided to bounce. I guess Sammy got a little too comfortable if they caused the ONLY Sega dev that cares about Sonic to up and leave. That’s a cause for concern because that means virtually NO ONE at Sega cares about Sonic. I’d wager the guys behind Secret Rings and Black Knight cared as those games were love songs to the major fandoms (how adorable was it of them to show fan art from America, Europe, and Japan as unlockables?), but shit, they’re gone too! I guess you can’t make a Sonic game and give a damn about Sonic games as well.

Sega is a fucked up company in regards to Sonic. I’m playing Yakuza Dead Souls and Im thinking…. why can’t Sonic get this “love and affection” from Sega? That’s what I would call “polish”. The game is nigh flawless in entertainment value. Even steaming piles like Binary Domain have some very enjoyable elements, AND GOOD WRITERS TO BOOT!

EVERY OTHER SEGA GAME PRODUCED HAS MORE WORK PUT INTO THEM THAN DOES SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! Does that tell you anything about Sega in general!? They don’t give a fuck about Sonic! How do you think it feels to be a fan of a series that feels incomplete and mediocre after Yuji Naka left, but you play Virtua Fighter, Yakuza, Phantasy Star Online, House of the Dead, etc. and you would be having a fucking ball!? Even gay ass NiGHTS is more enjoyable than Sonic these days.

You should be asking why isn’t Sonic being given that kind of treatment! But instead, that blame is put on the fans? No one likes Virtua Fighter and ditches that series for Tekken every goddamn chance they get, but they don’t miss a beat on perfecting the SHIT out of Virtua Fighter’s mechanics. Sega doesn’t care if they have NO fan following for Virtua Fighter, but that doesn’t stop them from treating that series with respect. Mother fucker, don’t sit here and tell me the fans are responsible for any of that shit. I was wrong about that and so are you. Don’t let their extreme stupidity fool you, it’s all on Sega.

I don’t even know why im wasting piss on this thing, because right here

And this title was meant to begin its own series! Dedicated to the fans of Adventure who wanted to further enjoy the darker and more action styled side of the Sonic franchises universe, but then was complained about for being too dark and serious… The very thing to this day they fight to see in new games!

You show you have no idea what you’re talking about. Shth wasn’t made for adventure fans, are you dunce!? It was made for Shadow fans because Shadow fans demanded it. Iizuka, however, thought it would be a good idea to give him firearms because he felt it fit with Shadow’s character. Problem is, combined with the tone and atmosphere of the game (a level of which the Adventure titles NEVER touched), the content came off as REPULSIVE! That is not what fans asked for! IIZUKA is the cause of Sonic’s downfall considering why SA3 was never made and all these bad ideas came from him. Yuji Naka, from what I can tell, had less input with Heroes and Shadow because he would know better. No, now you have something that fans are repulsed by… and the game just shoves it in your face. From the intro to the hardcore metal music running in damn near every level, it gives off the feeling that the game was made for the same crowd that DmC caters toward. The puss ass goth fucks.

Sonic 06 was GOING to be made for the Adventure fans. But for some reason, Yuji Naka left during development. And not just the project, the company altogether. Why? We can only go on skepticism or some old tripe like “not wanting to stay in a managing position” because many of Naka’s current games are still published by Sega (needs to get back in making Sonic games and deliver us from Iizuka’s insanity).

Fans of the Adventure series to this day continue speaking of Sonic 06 and bashing it, as well as SHTH, albeit to smaller degrees, which doesn’t help in their desires to see another game like them.

This makes no sense. The adventure fans want adventure games on the same calibur of the adventure games. They don’t want 06 not because it had the “style” of the adventure games. They want the QUALITY of the adventure games. It’s the same thing with us “classic fans” and Sonic 4. We don’t want the “style” of Classic Sonic, we want the QUALITY of Classic Sonic.

This is NOT a hard concept to grasp. Maybe it is for developers because for some goddamn reason, they are unable to look at anything without some “mechanical” perception about them, and studying games based on a “mechanical style” which does nothing but create a poor imitation of said style, but it tires the fuck out of me when the goddamn fans can’t even see this.  Look at a Link Between Worlds. That game focuses on the STYLE of LTTP, but not the QUALITY of LTTP, which is why no one gives a fuck about that game! It’s still the same shitty puzzle snores fest that ALL Aonuma Zelda games HAVE been! The style matters nothing if the quality isn’t there. And yes, that COULD’VE been a failure on the fans part to convey that, but we can’t blame them because most fans don’t know what Sonic is “supposed” to be because the games have never had a consistent format for well over a decade now. We could point out the handheld games all we want to, but that shit fell under the radar for a long time while people STILL run to Sonic CD on PSN.

And stop comparing Shadow’s game to the adventure games! Dammit!

SEGA is showing fans that they cater to those who are open and loving towards the series.

And that’s why they’re going the way of Capcom. Developers do not, and will never, be allowed to dictate what anyone should be playing or enjoying. Especially Sega after that bullshit Lost Mind.

The poor child is another victim of developer sob stories which blinds fans in accepting anything developers throw at them with open arms.

You know why you’re so frustrated? Why you don’t know where to point the finger at? Because the industry has taught you the concept of “original sin”. That if you don’t like a PRODUCT, then there is something wrong with you, not the product. It’s a mental disorder that is programmed into the psyche of the gamer, slowly eating away at the mind, rotting the cortex until there is no free will left than to spend, spend, and spend. That is the way of capitalism. To demoralize and enslave.

I’ll do that when you keep your mouth shut and Open your Mind.