Male Wii Fit Trainer in Smash 4.

It’s funny how the only interesting new characters thus far are only Sonic and Mega Man. Infact, more people were excited for a gay angel and Sonic in Brawl.

So far, the only announcements from this game are returning characters and crappy stages. There is odd. I sense NO hype for this game.

This is a similar situation with Sonic 06. There was incredible hype for that title, but after that, all interest in the Sonic franchise evaporated. The same thing is happening with Smash Bros. Brawl was hyped to all hell, but there seems to be no real interest in this game. There was more interest in Sonic’s Lost Mind. That irks me.

Smash Bros. should be getting a pedestal and a gold medal for potentially saving the Pii U. Infact, any confidence people had in a certain title to save the Pii U is long gone now. Pikmin 3 dissappeared without a trace, and the Sonic fandom is having a drama meltdown over the predictable failure of Lost Mind.

But why is there very little talk of Smash Bros. 4 anywhere besides the Nintendo cult hubs?

Because of stupid shit like Wii Fit characters.

An AVATAR for a fitness program is NOT a real character to put into a crossover fighting game. People want RECOGNIZABLE ICONS for the mascot fighters because these kinds of games are DREAM MATCHES! Do you know what a dream match is!? Fanboys dream of their favorite characters doing battle with others. Mario, Sonic, and Mega Man all in one crossover bout is a FANTASTIC idea! It sucks people have to get a shitty console for it, but that is a great idea and should sell plenty of fans on it, especially since the Mega Man fans are starved for Mega Man fanservice thanks in special way to Capcom. It’s fine because people usually run toward things for that “one special element”.

You don’t watch Godzilla for the human stories, you want big kaijuu battles! You didn’t go to see “The Forbidden Kingdom” just for some martial arts mythology, you wanted a fight between Jackie Chan and Jet Li. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re going to have an element that’s roughly 5% of the entire package to attract people to your product, then you need to go back to the drawing board. Sonic 1 wasn’t the fastest thing alive, but people kept coming back to Sonic. Why? Because the ENTIRE PACKAGE was just that mother fucking good. Same thing with Smash Bros and especially Melee! They hit the G-Spots of the fandoms!

So why is there little interest in Smash 4!? Well, combined with the fact that there is NOTHING interesting in this game beyond a late installment crossover with Mega Man, but the horrendous stench of Brawl’s entire package was so bad, it’s deterring any actual interest in this title.

The last Zelda game people gave a damn about was Twilight Princess. NO ONE was hyped for Skyward Chore, and no one gives a damn about Link Between Worlds. You know why? The ENTIRE PACKAGE of all Zelda titles since Ocarina have been abysmal. People stopped playing NSMB because the ENTIRE PACKAGE was intentionally shallow. Why did people still gravitate toward NSMB and not 3D Mario despite all that? Because the ENTIRE PACKAGE of 3D Mario is a shallow fetch quest.

There’s a selling point and a substance point that needs to be addressed. Selling points worked well back then because games weren’t that big of a deal, and money wasn’t that tight. Most of the time was spent in arcades or at blockbuster. Overtime, games became affordable and selling points worked well. Now, games are NOT as affordable, so selling points don’t have much people. People are PRESSED about a high price tag because the money is no longer good. You can’t sell people on the dream match of Mario, Sonic, and Mega Man like you could’ve on the Wii with Brawl when… you know… YOU HAD THE FUCKING OPPORTUNITY! Why? Because the Pii U is total shit at a premium price. No matter how awesome that kind of battle sounds, no one is going to buy your shitty console at that price. The controller itself is a major turnoff and I couldn’t fathom how to play Smash on that piece of shit. There needs to be a SUBSTANCE POINT for why people should buy Smash 4 when 1. Brawl was an awful game 2. When Smash 4 is taking on Brawl’s own gameplay with less content assuming that Nintendo’s mentality of “gameplay>>>>content” takes hold 3. When it’s possible that all new characters will be awful “creativity” obsessed abominations like “Iwata head” from Brain Age!?

Do you see the idiocy of making 2 Wii Fit characters? It tells me that you don’t care about Substance anymore! And especially with the trollish Nintards parading around how much better Nintendo games are than Sega games based on “more polish”, but if that’s all a game needed to generate hype, where the fuck is it for Smash 4!? I haven’t heard anything about Mario Kart 8 either! Wind Breaker HD is obviously a failure, and no one is bringing up Pikmin 3. How is that game doing!? Since Pikmin 3 was going to be shit, now it’s being ignored by everyone including the Nintards! Where are the statistics of how well this game is doing based on some bullshit called “polish”?

Nothing Nintendo is doing as of this moment attracts anyone anymore beyond Pokemon. That is literally all they have now, and I’m quite glad to see they haven’t fucked that series up if they know what’s good for them. But Smash 4!? Where is the hype? Where is the interest!? Where is the appeal!? Why would anyone give 2 shits about 2 Wii Fit characters!?

Well, Wii Fit is popular in Japan!

Did Japan buy Wind Breaker HD? Metroid games period!? You know, all the games Nintendo DESIRED to make? Oh, they’re in the bomba bin!? Then fuck em! Don’t reward your shitty market with characters that repel your LARGEST market!

How is it that back then, Nintendo knew how to attract people to their games, but now they have no desire to do so? Is it because Yamauichi is gone that they’re free to do as they please? Probably.