Now you’ve truly doomed video games.

See, once the feds catch wind of this interview, you are going to see more and more “violent video game” controversies rise up, because now they will have proof that video games have this…… “power” to cause insurrections against the government.

All these video game controversies of violence leading to every deadly shooting is of no coincidence with reports like this. This is why censorship is becoming a much bigger issue in entertainment than usual. Because now fantasy mediums “inspire” defiance against those in power. This was… never a problem for America because we’re all pussies who cower in fear of big brother, but now it’s like they’re gonna clamp down harder on video games with several more false and irrelevant controversies just to get the public on their side… to censor video games and bring them under the same control as Hollywood.

The government needs a people that is stupid and unable to see beyond the box of the system to keep control of that people. If a perception outside the system is shown to them, the risk of this perception spreading like wild fires to everyone will, in theory, awaken them and possibly cause a stir of rebellion across the land. This is why deception is much more important than terrorism. Instead of using fear tactics to scare the people to your cause, you make them believe what is night is actually day, and make them fear the night instead. And you can’t do that with a medium that “inspires” people to fight for the greater good or w/e. So, thanks. Video games (like the internet), will come under a RAGING fire now.

Hmm… soon after DmC, Capcom goes broke, and their coverage of being broke asses becomes sensational in the gaming world. Coincidence?