One thing I want to point out is that this is a site dealing with theory. To many, the very notion of theory equates to “no credibility” as people look for nothing but 100% accuracy. Naturally in our society where linear thought reigns supreme, a singular, all-encompassing answer that gives clarity on every question we have. Credibility is authority.

However, we deny that theory has it’s uses. When there is no respectful answer given, all we have is theory. Theory is formed by the evidence of possibilities. Evidence of possibility is evidence that supports a conclusion that you or anyone could come up with. It may not be right, but for the most part, it CAN be. It’s how mathmatics work. Yes, there’s only one answer, but there are many solutions you can come up with that lead to that answer. The very nature of mathmatics is theory.

We could say the war on terror is based on lies due to evidence of possibilities. Like

1. No WMDs in Iraq.

2. testimonies by victims and witnesses in NYC on 9/11

3. The News media being generally hostile toward any conflicting stories given by those that doubt the official details given.

You get the idea.

Everyone theorized that Sonic Lost Mind would be a Mario Galazy clone based on similarities of structure. But, Sonic fans blew off those comparisons as wild guessing based on fear, or supported them based on the delusion that Galazy is a highly favorable game.

Lost Mind being a Mario clone needs no theory now. It was Confirmed in an interview by a retard.

A lot of people come up with different names to describe Sonic Lost World.

Lost Balls

Lost Cause

Lots of different names, mostly to describe perception and displeasure. Not to be an arrogant bastard, but Lost Mind is the only name suitable to describe this title.

Going into nerdy detail, a Lost Mind is where your original consciousness is removed, and is drifting away. Sometimes, the lost mind is supplanted with another mind that completely alters the nature of the body.

So, with Sonic’s Lost World, Sonic is taken literally out of his mind, and it is supplanted with that of Mario’s mind instead. Supplantation is usually done through intrigue or underhanded tactics.

And Nintendo did just this.

Take a real hard look at this mother of an interview. And it’s a real MF. Read the whole thing first. And then point out the things that might, for the moment, sing the praises of “fuck you baka Sonic fan” over and over. And it’s going to happen just reading the damn thing.

Most of the interview are things that most of you 3 have already pointed out/discovered and processed in your minds, and are fully conscious about. But there are at least 2 things that click for me in this interview.

1 is this.

Takashi Iizuka: As we started the development before we knew about Wii U, basic action and story weren’t influenced. But as the touch panel and gyro-sensor on the GamePad was a very interesting feature, we decided to use them in Color Power.

This is not normal Sega behavior. While we have had many Sonic spinoffs on Wii and DS (mostly being that gay ass crossover), the main series Sonic titles that appeared on Wii and DS did not take full advantage (or any) of the gyro sensor of the Wii-mote or the touch screen of the DS. They’ve had this opportunity to experiment with Sonic Spinoffs and found they weren’t worth a damn to spend time on. Plenty of developers felt this way after about 3  years where Wii and DS games started being normal. Secret Rings was ass deep with motion controls, but the most you do in Black Knight was swing away with nothing else added. In Unleashed, you had the options to control Sonic with motion shit or normal controllers. In colors, the same rule applies. None of the DS Sonic games take any advantage of the touch screen functions, especially given both system received Colors. THe most you did was shake the controller to activate a wisp, but you controlled them with normal buttons. There is no touch control for the DS version.

Why do I say this? Because Sega had the opportunity to experiment with these “interesting” features and found they didn’t amount to shit, so they made games normally. NiGHTS into Dreams, Alien Syndrome, House of the Dead games, etc all had normal, customizable controls. All the Nintendo collaborations have all dat bullshit you don’t want.

This is important because right here, Iizuka is lying to you. The only time they were interesting was back in 2007 when everyone got their hands-on experience with it. Why would you find what is now “outdated” and factually undesirable tech as “interesting features” is anyone’s guess. But it shows that they really aren’t in control of the direction of this game. Nintendo’s job is to prove the potential of their hardware through software. Or so they believe with their idiotic “Hardware and Software” integration philosophy. So they must justify it’s presence through games. This wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t doing it with a franchise they don’t own.

Sega cares about hardware POWER, not hardware “features”. Most Sega games don’t even have DLC or online features outside of their MMOs (Phantasy Star). They only implement hardware features when they KNOW it will enhance the game in someway, rarely with any experimentation. Yes, even with Sonic.

Another quote, I feel, deserves some greater attention.

Takashi Iizuka: This game is like going into the rabbit hole in “Alice in the Wonderland”, an action game where you can experience many strange and fun experiences.

Alice in Wonderland!? That is the same shit Miyamoto said about Super Mario Bros. back in 2005! That certain key elements of Super Mario Bros. were derived from Alice in Wonderland. Sure, Miyamoto denies it now because he’s an arrogant bastard who hates that a certain blogger has him figured out, but there it is.

Why should you care? Because it more than ever confirms that Nintendo was turning Sonic into a Mario clone from the start. We only got bits and info like “wanting to cater to Mario fans”, but that only gave us theorizing material. RE6 was made to appeal to Call of Duty fans, but it’s not a full blown FPS. It just has somewhat more action than previous RE titles. It still looks….  Resident Evilish. No one would even guess that RE6 took cues from Call of Duty just by taking a gander at it’s content and level design.

With Lost Mind, it’s on full display. The insurmountable comparisons to Mario Galazy are here. No one denies them. We saw all the visual cues from level design, atmosphere, everything. Having villains inspired by Japanese demons is most unsettling as Sega usually takes inspiration from western mythology (because Japanese mythology sucks ass). Having a villain that looks slightly like Bowser is worrying. But saying Lost Mind is like taking a trip to Alice in Wonderland confirms it. The entire point of the game is subliminal content.

It’s a game of playing Captain Obvious to say Sonic’s Lost Mind is a Mario Galazy clone, but the question to ask now is “why?” Why would Nintendo desire turning Sonic into Mario? Would it be payback against a rival mascot to completely embarrass the franchise and the fans of that franchise to say “Sonic is our bitch, fanboys!”?

No, because Nintendo doesn’t have any negative stigma toward any video game franchise. They don’t care about any other video game franchise outside of their own.

Why would they turn Sonic into Mario Galazy? At the moment, only theory can give clarity.

I could theorize that deep down, Nintendo has a soft spot for all their creations that got lacking sales in comparison to games that actually sold. Pikmin 3 is evidence that supports the claim. Wind Breaker HD as well.

They must’ve taken a liking to Mario Galazy because we’ve a got a sequel with shit content. The first game, many would admit, is much more spectacle driven than it’s successor. Hell, I admit it. Watching even just the cutscenes was enough to say that they actually had something going. Bowser using cosmic powers to create his own galaxy to rule? Cool.

The sequel, however, was gameplay driven. Bowser’s plot was to grow several sizes, talk shit about “being huge”, talking like dudebro, and capturing peach again. It’s such an underwhelming successor in comparison. I feel, however, it is due to Miyamoto’s own silly assumptions of gameplay in response to the overwhelming success of NSMBW. He proclaims it is simply popular due to accessibility, and aims to correct this “oversight” with Galazy 2… via instructional dvd. It was insulting to all. And the game fell flat on it’s face in comparison to the first.

So now, Nintendo believes in the power of CONTENT…. exclusively in aesthetic terms. Since it’s been proven that people enjoy 2D Mario over 3D Mario (3 times), Nintendo’s devs were in the process of sabotaging 2D Mario to make people accept 3D Mario. By stagnating NSMB’s content to the point that their sequels are absolutely no different from the previous, they’ve successfully killed their own money maker in favor of ideology. Nintendo, however, believes that they can sell people on 3D Mario using the crappy aesthetic styles of the NSMB games. 3D Land and 3D World both use a similar style from NSMB in vain attempts to attract the NSMB crowd while killing NSMB.

It didn’t work the first time.

Looking at the performance of the Pii U for this past year, we can theorize that Nintendo is in desperation mode. I’ve never seen so many different bundles in such a short period of time. Nintendo Land bundles, NSMBU bundles, Wind Breaker HD bundle, Monster Hunter, whatever the fuck ZombiU is, and then NSMBU plus an extra game, Super Luigi U, all in under a year.  I don’t recall any console other than maybe the PS360s that had several bundles in under one year, but goddamn if this ain’t desperate. Probably the assumption that bundles will help inflate sales and generate momentum. Even though bundles didn’t work for 360 or PS3, because Amma knows there’s a FUCK TON of them, what makes Nintendo believe it would work for them? Nintendo only had 5 bundles, one of which (Wii Sports Resort) did nothing for. Quality games sell consoles and bundles, not it’s inclusion overall.

But see, there is a true conflict of interests. While there is a desire to sell the console, there is no desire to make games that truly sell the console. Pikmin 3 was touted as this “savior” to ressurect interest in Pii U, but it has become a ghost town of itself. We’ve heard nothing about it since it’s release. We hear nothing about Wind Breaker HD besides piddly justifications of why it was made. And man are they silent about Nintendo Land. Puppet ass Link more embarrassing than Toon Link? Oh yes, extremely. We have a Yoshi Yarn for no fucking reason beyond “Hey, the internet liked that shitty Kirby game we made, so lets make another Yoshi game that will be forgotten for no reason other than being gay”. Nintendo wishes to continue it’s endless spree of intricacy-driven ambitions. But in the face of facts that people don’t want that bullshit, they play dirty to make sure you accept it. They’ll sabotage any other series or developer (Retro) and defy the wishes of many if it means they get to play God. And you WILL submit to their will, lest they stop making games overall.

And that’s where Sonic’s Lost Mind comes in.

Nintendo WANTS you to accept Mario Galazy, because it is something they feel is what has to exist if they are to feel comfortable as game designers. But they know Mario Galazy is perceived as inferior to 2D Mario, so they go out and leverage the Sonic series to do their bidding. I’ve said in the beginning that Nintendo was desperate to get exclusivity for a series with it’s own problems selling, but I had no idea of their level of insanity. Putting in undesirable gameplay in an undesirable series with virtually no appeal left is completely illogical and goes against everything Nintendo knows about good business.

If there’s anything Nintendo has over Sega, it’s business sense. Sega makes quality games but is absolutely shit at marketing and needed the assistance of “BAKA GAIJINS” to become a household name. Nintendo needs no further help in that department. I am shitting vomit at their insanity right now. It’s unthinkable that Nintendo would lose all sense of business sense to leech on Sonic’s name to sell shitty gameplay. They literally transformed the face of Sonic for the chance to make a Galazy 3. Somehow, they thought that Sonic was still popular with the kids and thought that maybe…just maybe…. they can teach the Sonic fans to accept Mario Galazy’s gameplay since their OWN Mario fans have rejected it.

Is this Nintendo’s idea of “expanded audience”? No, it’s their idea of EXPENDABLE audience! If their own fanbase is rejecting their idiocy, then they can leech off the idiocy of Sonic fans since it is they who do not know what Sonic is “about”. In some half-baked concept that Sonic’s gameplay had to be fixed (it was merely put aside, not broken in itself), they have accepted, without skepticism or protest, the sup-plantation of one franchise staple in favor of another. ……….Or…. perhaps those were Nintendo’s viral marketing assholes masquerading as idiotic Sonic fans on The Sonic Stadium as usual, just to silence dissent.

Whatever the case, this collaboration is nothing more than video game colonialism disguised as a partnership. And not to establish dominance or use as a valuable resource, but just so they could continue working on their awful intricacy showcases. Why not make an entirely new franchise and leave the shit I still like the fuck alone!? Instead of transforming old franchises into your personal sideshow circuses where nothing makes any goddamn sense, you could make something completely new to justify your bad gameplay.

Because new IPs are risky? What balls they had making shit ass Pikmin!

We need no theory to establish why Sega would allow this if they knew anything about branding because we know they don’t give a rats ass about Sonic the Hedgehog. The question is why they don’t sell it to a competent western dev that knows and loves the franchise? Well, Sega has no eye for talent, so they’d probably hand it over to someone like… EA so they can fuck it up like they did Time Splitters  Future Perfect. But then, Sega’s not that stupid. If Sega sold Sonic, Sega would have lost the meaning of their existence. Sonic IS Sega and Sega IS Sonic. People around the internet would piss and moan because Sega’s other franchises aren’t as well known, who gives a shit? When you say a company’s name, ONE singular product comes to mind. When you say Marvel, you see Wolverine, when you say Disney, you see Mickey Mouse. When you say Capcom, you see Street Fighter….  or Mega… yeah street fighter. When you say Tecmo, you see titties.

Can you SEE Sega without Sonic!? Hell naw! Sega cannot sell Sonic without good reason (bankruptcy). Sega needs to accept that Sonic defined them. That Tom Kalinske defined them. That they are terrible business people. That Sammy is a cancerous leech. That they need to stop being greedy assholes and give me my goddamn PSO2!!! WHERE THE FUCK IS IT!? I NEED MY SURREAL SPACE EXPLORER FIX GODDAMMIT!

This is most unacceptable. The Sonic series can only be saved by relinquishing it from Sega’s grasp. Unfortunately, the industry is full of idiots like them, choosing the right person to hold the torch is no easy task. Especially seeing as many of them admire Nintendo to the point that they will allow those sociopaths to take advantage of them and their properties. They’re feeding Sega bad advice from all directions, only so that THEY can feel stable in doing as they please.

At this point, however, I can truly say that Sonic is a dead franchise. There are no possible solutions to salvage it, sales continue to decline, and with Nintendo extending their tentacles around the Blue bastard, Sonic won’t have an identity to call it’s own. Best thing for it is to get it the fuck away from Nintendo, but that won’t happen so long as Sega wants their italian sausage.