But I guess I shouldn’t expect Nintendo to understand.

He used to kick your ass. Now you gotta beat the game first before he can kick it again!

This is how I feel when I get a higher difficulty for my troubles.

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I would so completely love to know the reasoning behind this idiocy in which a possibly more tedious run through more of the same game…. is considered a reward for modern games. And before all the “technically correct” asswipes show up with their 2 cents, yes, I am aware that older games also had higher difficulties as rewards. And they’re every bit as unmemorable as Lost Mind will end up becoming. There’s no point to these piddly modes after you’ve completed the game once.

And just why are games easier now than they were back when? It goes beyond the Arcade mentality that developers had back then. Where is the necessity and/or demand for this shit? Is it some conception that gamers are afraid of a challenging game? Is it that hard games are simply not wanted anymore?

I often ask why not just make the main game hard enough already or just include the hard modes at the start rather than expecting this to be some sort of prize for w/e troubles you went through the first time. Getting through the main game should be rewarding alone, not “experiencing” it. And that’s the only reason I could see why devs keep doing this to “coddle the dreaded casuals”. Since devs are pretentious people these days who want to show the world their creativity and ingenuity, a difficult game prevents that from happening. But people usually gravitate toward challenging games (FAIR challenging games, not bullshit challenging like F-Zero GX or DMC3) because being able to conquer a tough game feels rewarding in itself. A big reason as to why people don’t like playing games anymore is because they become a mere process in which they just burn through content. Being able to explore more of the game’s content should feel rewarding because you earned it. Not be handed the content on a silver platter because devs and pubs are afraid of scaring away potential fans. Despite popular misconception, gamers are not frightened by an ass whoopin. It’s OK to smash their faces once in a while.

Of all the bullshit in the world, why do developers still do this? Because the way I see it, it’s too late to give me a challenge. I’ve seen the game’s content, I’ve explored the world, solve your arbitrary puzzles, beat all your mythical guardians, banged the princess, and I got the soundtrack to hum in my head while I’m at work. I don’t need your cute little “hard mode” anymore. Unless there’s an actual tangible reward for it, it has no use. But then, I’d be pissed hat I’d have to go through the whole damn game again just for this little bonus.

In the case of Zelda, i dont see this changing until Aonuma is taken out behind a shed. Aonuma admitted to being a pussy when it comes to simple enemies like the Octoroks. And Miyamoto is TERRIFIED of giving the players a challenge because the Water dungeon was a poorly designed piece of shit. Nintendo games have no real longevity beyond Smash Bros. and Pokemon because of this “fear” of challenging gameplay. That if they make the games hard, the player won’t be able to feel their AMAZING CREATIVITY! If it’s that bad, put a level select cheat in or w/e. Hell…

It’s amazing how illogical design choices like this are glossed over without as much as a spark of thought as to why it’s still happening seeing as they do more harm than good.