Rockstar is above the law because you like their video game..

So, rapper Daz Dillinger claims that Rockstar used his music without his permission.

I’d usually chalk this up as another lawsuit happy person looking for change, but they provided actual sources which gives Daz’s case some actual merit.

But… that’s not what pisses me off.

It’s highly unlikely that Rockstar will recall Grand Theft Auto V. It’s certainly possible that Rockstar used Dillinger’s music without permission, but it was more likely a matter of oversight as opposed to malicious intent. Dillinger may claim to be defending the respect of artist’s work, but it feels more like a publicity stunt.

So… so wait. Rockstar did something that normal ass Youtube users are accused of doing on a daily basis (using music without permission), something no youtuber gets monetary compensation for, but Rockstar turns around and does the same shit FOR profit…. and for some reason we are ok with this?

That doesn’t even scratch the surface of the comments which go on to blast his ass because “rap sucks” and he’s unknown.

He was irrelevant until now. Obvious cash grab, popularity grab and serious attention whore.

you should of taken that offer Rockstar gave you and collect the Royalties next year.. thats all on you Daz.

The song sounds stupid anyways no wonder they didn’t pay him a cent

If I were a musician and my work was featured in one of the fastest-selling pieces of media of all time, with or without my written permission, I’d be pretty freakin’ stoked.

He told TMZ? Boy, he sure isn’t playing around

IS he really asking JEWS for FREE Diamonds!!! aha ha ha hha ha hahh!!!

Ok, that last one made me laugh. I R evil


*sigh* You know, this is the same mentality behind the “video game violence controversy”. When something people love is targeted for any reason, they go clinically insane. Any and all rational is thrown out the window for the chance of pissing in the wind. Especially since it’s a Nubian. I also laugh at the “fastest selling” remarks because they’re using the success of the game as some sort of shielding argument against his case, as if success was ever an excuse for Pokemon, San Andreas, etc. Successful people fuck up too. I’m reminded of the Boondocks, Season 1, Episode 2 where R. Kelly got off because he was famous.

This is the essence of how gamers respond to power. Outside of the internet, powerful people are regularly criticized without intimidation of ignorant masses. But in the gaming world, powerful game developers are often given undue respect (unless you’re Capcom and Nintendo) and excessive damage control

I don’t respect his stage name or most of his shit (actually, mainstream rap makes me ill), but I find it laughable that he’s considered “irrelevant” considering his production work with (and against) people like Dr. Dre as well as being the cousin to fucking Snoop Dogg. He was also involved with instigating the “rap wars” with tupac and Biggy, along with Bone Thugs n Harmony. Shit, he was even nominated for a Grammy back in the 90s. That’s not irrelevant shit. Stupid, yeah, but since gamers don’t know anything beyond video games…. yeah.

Now, whether or not the record label owns his songs and Rockstar went to THEM instead is not yet known, but it’s most likely and many of the commentators grow moist in anticipation of their predictions being validated so they can clown him 20 more times. One thing to keep note of is that Record Producers exert much greater influence in the music industry than one would give them credit for. One thing I’ve learned is that you never underestimate a damn thing in this world. Arrogance is a great blindfold.