Yikes, yikes, and yikes.

It seems to be some sort of running gag where the UK is slowly turning into the Japanese Arcades argument, where people debate that profits from Japanese arcades mattered the most when it comes to fighting games.

First, it was Project X Zone, then it’s the Olympics games, and now it’s Wind Breaker HD.

I sense that the UK will be used as a supreme counter argument to anything put forth. People will suddenly ignore that Europe is still the smallest market in comparison to NA and even JPN. And that sales of Pii U’s spiking due to Xbone’s announcement still didn’t stop Iwata from apologizing for poor sales of the console. 

“We have long believed that software sells hardware and it’s great to see that reaffirmed this week,”

Oh look, they read Malstrom’s blog, how cute.

Why is everyone suddenly talking about the UK sales when it comes to games no one figured would be a success? It’s as though they are desperate to silence dissent on the internet.