Going back and forth between Mega Collection and the Sonic 4 games, I must say that ……. Sega gave even less of a shit than I once thought. Oh man, they gave no shits to the point that they’ve destroyed any logic Sonic 4 might’ve had.

And all I need is one example. The Casino Zones. Sonic 4 is essentially a crappier version of what Castlevania, Harmony of Despair is. They take a bunch of levels from past games in the series and mesh them all together in one HAM. Difference between those games is that CVHD is actually pretty fun… for a while. Sonic 4 is never fun. But, fun factor details aside, I learned just how big that stick up my ass is by simply standing around and listening to the music of these levels. Here they are.

Now… when I listen to this OST, I’m reminded of the theme park that is Sonic Colors in that everything is like some big ass circus, where Sega has the excuse of being lazy and decides to only create one style of music, being anything that sounds like Ringling Brothers. Casino Street has music that sounds like it belongs at some kid’s stupid birthday party. Some 5 year old who hasn’t developed a taste in what music she likes. Act 2 is especially grating as it just hammers home how pussed out it sounds. It’s something Matsuda could’ve easily cooked up in a Pokemon game or w/e.

That’s not the issue, however. You know, Casino music in Sonic used to sound like this.

Not only does it sound better, it also sounds “fitting“. I’ve said in the past that music sets the tone and the atmosphere of a setting. And while we could mistake Casino Street’s music for something fitting, I mean it’s upbeat in a place that is upbeat with bright lights and “tons of fun”….. it’s a goddamn Casino.

This isn’t the first time Sega said “fuck it”. I mean, they did the same thing in Sonic Heroes.


Ok, listen to both sets of tracks one more time. Which one sounds like something that you would hear in a casino? Or some place where rich white folks blow off their savings? Obviously Sonic Adventure’s Casinopolis. To some extent, Sonic 2’s racing mode. They both obviously sound like something made for adults. It’s like something you’d hear in a 1960s mafia….. club scene from an old B&W film. It makes sense considering it’s a Casino. And Casinos are (legally and factually) made for adults to blow away their money.

The problem isn’t so much the quality of the Kid’s birthday Party music. It’s the fact that it’s Kids Birthday party music……. IN A GODDAMN ADULT-THEMED ZONE! It doesn’t… .fucking…. work!

See, Sega didn’t bother to do anything beyond copying the “style” of the music from Sonic 1 and 2. It’s fine that it was a nostalgia dick ride fest, but damn could you make them FIT the fucking levels!? Even the ruins don’t fit. Something that sounds like Tidal Tempest Bad Future at least, not some random…..idk what the fuck music that is. The style of music doesn’t automatically make it good. Making it sound like a Genesis game doesn’t mean shit if it don’t sound good or fitting. As shit as MM9 and 10 were, the music was still damned good. Sonic 4 was the NSMBU treatment of shit giving.

The problem I have with all of this is that…. the Japanese are usually anal about details. They don’t skip any fucking beats when it comes to atmosphere in games……until today. Sega STILL has an eye for detail for games like Virtua Fighter, Binary Domain, and the Yakuza Series. Yakuza especially given that…. even though I’ve only played Dead Souls (good game too), and I’ve never been to Japan, this…. “feels” like what Japan would be. If that makes sense. It would make a nice edutainment window into how Tokyo operates…. without the zombies and fake stupidity. Even Phantasy Star gets more love than Sonic (it’s an RPG, ofcourse. Sega sucks the dick of the RPG). Because the Japanese in general don’t care about Sonic, we are treated to Sega’s balls in our mouths instead.

Sonic deserves more attention to it’s details. But seeing Lost Mind getting more “simplified” to make their development cycle “easier”, there’s no hope in that happening. If I were Hajime Saotome, my fist would be so far up Sega’s shit-hole.

Why? Because Backbone Entertainment did a better job.

I mean how does one of the worst goddamn Sonic games ever have BETTER MUSIC than a retro throwback!? Goddammit, Sonic needs to be in the hands of the West where it belongs!