Ok…. so let me get this straight.  You get to choose which order of dungeons you get to go in…. which sounds nice on paper, but access isn’t instantaneous (which would be natural and worked for Mega Man). Instead, in order to access these dungeons, you have to RENT these items from a shop for 20 rupees each, and then go to the dungeons (which specifically tell you what items you need to get into the dungeon…)

Ok, so apparently this is the same thing Iizuka is doing with Lost Mind. Nostalgia pandering with no idea what people liked about the nostalgia. The whole “enter X dungeon in any order you like” was something that was present in the very first Zelda game. The problem is you didn’t need specific items to get into any of them (aside from the raft). In fact, that game was the very essence of freedom in a Zelda title. This is completely artificial and makes no rational sense. This being a sequel to Link to the Past, a game which Link had access to ALL HIS SHIT, this “Ravio” hoardes your shit and makes you pay 20 rupees per rent. That’s the first thing retarded. Next is the need to have a specific item just to get into the dungeons in the first place. The game is essentially charging you to enter a dungeon.

Beyond that, this shit treats the game world as something completely mechanical. When you started to need items to get into dungeons, there was something more… “organic” to it’s structure. The propeller which is essentially the magic leaf from Wind Breaker, would’ve been used to get over some large chasm/canyon with wind drafts coming up from the ground to support your travel over the chasm. As tedious as that shit was in Wind Breaker, that was more unique to the overall world itself. But all in all, it just shows how little Aonuma knows about making an overworld without reducing everything to “mechanics“. The game rules must be invisible and masked so that the player doesn’t even notice he’s being jerked around by the game developers. This was the biggest flaw of Zelda games today, ESPECIALLY that damn Skyward Sword. Everything you did in that was artificial. Especially when it came to those time stones in the desert.

This is why the overwhelming focus on “gameplay” is dangerous. Look no further than the mechanical ass Zelda series by Mr. Aonuma Style himself.