Sega is killing Knuckles.

You wish you could look away from Knuckles’s hideous transformation.

Sonic franchise goes from coolness to a complete fucking joke. Sega has decided to create a comedy series in a similar vain of Avenges EMH. Bad artwork, stale jokes, and….. nothing of worth.

But…. that’s not what amazes me.

What amazes me is how many people are actually REPULSED, not celebratory, but REPULSED by the mere issue of Knuckles’s redesign.

That is amazing because I was under the impression that Sonic fans were deluded idiots who swallowed any kind of bullshit Iizuka and Nintendo threw at them. But here, people are literally REPULSED by Knuckles’s design change. Fuck Sonic, Tails, and Amy who all look lanky as shit, and Sonic looking like a punk rocker, Knuckles took after Chris mother fucking Redfield and roided up!

This makes me happy, not only because Sonic fans are showing signs of resistance to a new idea from Neo Sega, but also because people actually care about Knuckles enough to know they are completely destroying him.

GOOD! The REAL Knuckles fans are fed the fuck up!

Anywho, I have to laugh at the idiocy of Iizuka’s role of overseeing the project so as to ensure that the cartoon is accurate to the universe and characters.

The sheer irony of his position astounds me.

Knuckles was never a fucking idiot.

Sonic wasn’t a flip floppy mary sue/fuck up/lame smart ass who made stupid jokes about wanting ice cream while discussing the topic of slavery.

Tails was NEVER useless in a fight. Taking down a MILITIA solo is a testament to that.

Amy…. well you can’t do much with that bitch anyway.

This asswipe that completely derailed every Sonic character in as few games as possible wants to make sure of what exactly? Nothing he has done since Sonic Adventure 2 I suppose has stayed true to anything of the Sonic universe in terms of characters not being cock-smashingly annoying. Look at Robotnik from SA2 and then look at him from Colors. The differences are shocking. Hell, you don’t even have to go that far, just look at Shadow the Hedgehog for how shit Robotnik has become. You go from Dr.Doom to a one man Team Rocket.

And don’t give me no bullshit about Robotnik being wacky in the old games because he ran away from Sonic when he got his ass kicked, or did some weird tap dance in Sonic CD Zone 4 when his machine was blowing up. His character in the Adventure series and SATam were significant improvements. I NEVER wanted to regress him back to AOSTH standards. Oh but then the argument of “keeping the characters true to their universe” would be validated by Robotnik based on his speechless appearances of the old games. Well how the fuck do you plan on validating KNUCKLES!?

I find it odd too. A show that is about comedy is actually making some people uncomfortable about a character design change. But history has shown that gamers care lots about looks.

Toon Link is proof

DmC Dante is proof

Bad Box art Mega Man is proof.

Klonoa is proof

Castlevania Judgement is proof.

Crash Bandicoot is proof

Shit, every hollywood adaptation of video games were proof.

If you want to make sure everything is accurate to the source material, you best be changing Knuckles back to a pipsqueak. Because we damn sure don’t want the future games to validate the perceptions of whatever clinically insane fan would take this as the reality of Sonic.

Hmm… we haven’t seen Knuckles footage in Lost Mind yet, have we? Oh the fears I have now.