I am literally sick and tired of vomiting after every piece of Lost Mind material I come across. I’ve decided to not pester my audience of 3 with more Lost Mind bile because I’m assuming they’re sick of it.

I don’t even understand where this series is going anymore. Everything is too campy, to kiddy, to “disney-esq”, it’s sickening. Sonic the Hedgehog has been nerfed. Neutered. “Shane Blacked” if you will.

Lamenting on Sonic music, it’s bizarre just how quickly the series tone and atmosphere was completely neutered. Some would say Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R’s music was almost exactly like Lost Mind’s OST, but you’d have to kick them where the sun don’t shine to see if they have shriveled nuts or not. I’ve never been too keen on the heavy dosage of Rock music, but I’ve never hated a single OST in the Sonic series until Colors. Well…Rush too, but that’s aside the point.

The very essence of this game is a piss take. It’s as though Michael Bay turned into a giant pussy and began shitting rainbows while getting double donged by a care bear and sparkling vampires. I can’t stand it anymore. Where is the line drawn when a significant trait of a franchise is completely removed in favor of kid friendly aesthetics and obsessive intricacies? There is nothing in this game that reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog. And they have the gall to say this is a return to Sonic’s roots. I would swallow that bullshit with Unleashed, or even Colors. But the mere comparison of this game to the “roots” is an insult to my own nostalgia. It’s like no one even remembers or cares what Sonic’s roots were, despite having about a million reminders in the forms of ports and remakes, and assume that Sonic was a complete Mario Rip Off. This generation of gamers is so simple minded, naive, and immature to even go back, play the damn games, and then try, with a straight face, to compare the 2 side by side and dare suggest they are the same. In gameplay or in content.

There isn’t much more that can be said for this game. Other than Sega believing Sonic can no longer achieve success on it’s own merits and must wear a facade to do so. Sonic’s success back in the day was a fluke. Sega honestly wasn’t supposed to succeed the way they did. They just got lucky, and they abuse their fame to produce shit no one wants.

I’m just relieved that people within the fanbase are starting to wake up and smell the asshole of Nintendo before they get a nasty taste of brown sugar next month. So for the sake of my sanity and yours, there’s not going to be anymore until the game releases. Cool? Cool.

/\ Totally better than Endless Possibilities.