“Gaming is dead to me”

First the saturation of FPSs, then the rise of MMOs, and now meme-inspired trash characters actually succeeding in taking down iconic characters. Like someone else said, it’s like Justin Bieber taking down Frank Sinatra. It’s just disgusting, putrid, and revolting. There is no hope on the horizon. All these new games are doing nothing more than uniting the scum of the internet into one giant ball of pus. The community is compromised. You can’t even play a game online without someone telling you to go get cancer and die. So that’s it, I’m done. Forget the Xbone and PS4 and whatever other crap they’re releasing. I’m going to stick to the classics, stick to the games I grew up on. Going to relish the time where if you were stuck in a game, you’d talk to a real friend or search through a player’s guide. That’s how I want to remember gaming. Now it’s something ugly, something that’s turned into cyber warfare. I just don’t want to have any place in this anymore. I’m done.

Seems about right. I try out this mythical beast of “online gaming” over console for the first time, and find no peace with the gaming community as they hate everything you do. If it helps you win or is detrimental to your victory, they abhor your very existence for daring to challenge them.

It’s more so anger at other gaming communities for being the way they are. A vile cesspool of social outcasts who commit the very crimes they accuse society of being guilty of. Whether I win or lose, I am excluded from the crowd.

And this is what gaming is all about? Back then, we weren’t so hostile to wins or losses, we just kept playing on and on. With Online gaming, we’re vile creatures with a superiority complex. I try to figure out how we came to this point where we became so cold and vindictive of others. Perhaps gaming was left to the social outcasts with hardened hearts who are bitter against people and the world, hating every fabric of culture that exists. Because it makes no sense for them to be so vicious. And yet, Online gaming is some “grand experience”. The most important facet of gaming to this day. A requirement of all consoles and devs to abide by.

And developers cater these very people, knowing they will run to them in droves. The very dregs that would have you believe every game set in some urban setting with rebellious white trash protagonists is GOTY material.

Years back, I wrote a piece on TV tropes titled “tainted by the fanbase” which explained the phenomena of how people would be turned off from games entirely because of certain gaming communities (I felt that with Pokemon and Sonic on numerous occasions). While the page had been deleted a long time ago, I feel as though it was more so out of some editor’s insecurity rather than a lack of factual evidence. The nature of the Online gamer is an interesting case. While many are lulled into the sense that online gaming is this incredibly addictive, there are many like myself who feel the player base is as undesirable as they consider us. I had heard horror stories from Xbox Live users, but I had no idea it would be this bad. MMOs didn’t have it this bad, or I didn’t play WOW. The amount of griefing over every little detail of a match or a race is abnormal. I feel old just listening to these people mouth off for the whole session. Or I get those little emails that say “You suck nut, asshole”. I swear, I thought the Nintard trolls were bad with rubbing salt on an open wound when it comes to Lost Mind, but lose a race in 4th place and all of a sudden, I’m scum?

Why does anyone put up with the abuse? People might say “Just report them”, but that’s elementary tripe. I shouldn’t have to snitch on people to say “LOL now your mouth is gonna get shut indefinitely”. It’s ludicrous.

Lack of empathy isn’t the description to use for these people. I don’t know what could describe this insanity.