It’s like I’m in the fucking Twilight Zone! Now there’s silhouette stages like in DKCR!? Get out of town!

It seems the more trailers that come out, the less hype I see beyond the SOA and TSSMB forums. Ive yet to see any YT videos defending this game.

What’s most amusing is that before, Casters were “paranoid” about Lost Mind being a Mario Galazy rip off. Today, 4 months later, all doubt was removed. It’s fully acknowledged. And very few embrace it. Even the dregs of the usual Sonic fan sites…. and deviantart, can’t over-shadow the sheer skepticism of everyone else. They’re like whispers lost in the wind. It’s so unimpressive, no one showed up at Sonic Boom in support of it. I’m reminded of the days with Pokemon fans tried so hard to shut up complainers of HGSS when Lyra’s artwork appeared, suggesting that Kris doesn’t appear because “these are remakes of Gold and Silver, and NOT Crystal! Therefore, it is logical to assume that kris doesn’t appear.” And everyone agreed with such undeniable logic and intelligence…. until the elements that were exclusive to Crystal (Buena’s Password, Suicune plot, Battle Tower, Eusine, etc) all appeared, and shut them right the fuck up. I never laughed so much in my life at such mortification at fandom arrogance.

Still, the Mario comparisons are staggering. And I can’t help but feel that perhaps it isn’t entirely Iizuka’s fault. I’ve read sources that sounded off that Lost Mind was supposed to have come out for PC and/or possibly go multiplatform. But with Nintendo paying for exclusives, that was shot. But when Iizuka makes claims about wanting to cater to Mario fans, it now comes off as odd. If the game was meant to be on PC beforehand, why would it need to attract Mario fans? Nintards rarely play anything but Nintarded bullshit.

I feel the problem lies with the current publishers. Nintendo’s…. nature, if you will, has been total deception since 2010. It seems like everyday, they have some sort of scheme to prove to their investors that their ideas are always working. They’re bundling Wind Waker HD with the price-cut Pii U’s, banking on the price cut being a means to sell more units and inflating sales of WWHD to prove that the Toon style is actually appealing. I’m convinced that the 2DS is poorly designed from a comfort stand point in the hopes that it would fail to prove that “people really want 3D”. Everything they’ve been doing this year alone reeks of schemes. Like Motonari Mori of Sengoku Basara, scheming every fucking time.

Nintendo is very obsessed with proving that their ideology is perfect. I was even shown an art book with Toon Link taking center stage, as if that animu shit stain was the face of the franchise, rewriting history and placing that turd as the definitive Link. With Lost Mind looking ever so much like Galazy, I feel that there is something more insidious brewing within Nintendo. Possibly, they’re leveraging another franchise to prove their own game format is fool-proof. Mario Galazy isn’t considered the shit, no matter how much the internet and metacritic would have you believe. If Miyamoto thought Galazy was perfect, he wouldn’t feel the need to write off NSMBW as “selling for accessibility” or packing in a tutorial DVD for Galazy 2 to teach people how to play the game. But that didn’t work. NSMB even salvaged the 3DS. 3D Land left without so much as a peep.

Nintendo seems to be invoking Galazy’s gameplay into Sonic the Hedgehog. Seeing if they can modify and rebrand it somehow and hope it sells. If it does well (which we’re all pretty fucking sure it won’t), they can go up and say that Galazy’s gameplay isn’t the problem, and continue making more Galazy games. Afterall, they tried something like that with Wonderful 101, I believe.

That’s all very silly, of course, but isn’t it all just weird? No Sonic game since 06 had this much nonsensical hype. There’s been more trailers for this title than the last 7 years. There are so many mantras of hoping this game “saves the Pii U”. How it had nothing to do with Sonic X-Treme and everything to do with Mario Galazy, like typical imperialism of washing away one’s identity for the sake of another’s vanity and arrogance. Last I checked, Sega was trying to move away from Nintendo’s consoles (or at least the 3DS), but to hear them declare so soon that they must “save the Pii U” afterward is just bizarre, especially hearing that Lost Mind wasn’t originally going to be Pii U exclusive in the first place. And that 2012 Olympics…. “interview” bugs me. I don’t recall any other 3rd party dev being invited to an Iwata Asks party.

Perhaps I wasn’t so crazy afterall. It seems like it will be a reality in the near future.