Or perhaps the PS3 is really shitty. I don’t know anymore.

Over the course of owning the Wii, I’ve been slammed with countless taunts of how greener the grass was on the HD side, and up until recently, I lost my nerve and swallowed the bullshit all for the chance of playing some titanic tittied ninja bitch on Dead or Alive. Living in constant envy of how all the other consoles kept getting sequels to games I’ve enjoyed in the past due to differing ideologies of console capabilities vs customer satisfaction (and largely greed).

And now I’ve come to the realization that….I had no reason to be angry at owning a Wii. Every sequel I’ve tried up until now has been completely underwhelming or completely awful. I feel as though every 3rd party offering on the Wii wasn’t out of petty spite, but because developers are just getting worse as the years go by. Soul Calibur is damaged goods all across the board. Sonic is in worse shape than was in the 7th gen. Amma knows Capcom has seen better days.

I honestly have no interest in a large majority of PS3 games beyond fighters and Sonic. And I lose interest in PS3 games much faster than I did with Wii titles. I could become obsessed with a Wii game for up to 2 months or worse. But I feel the increasing need to compulsively buy a new PS3 game after 3 days. I’ve tried the AAA Last of Us, gone several rounds with Transformed, went toe to toe with all the Platinum* titles from Anarchy Reigns to Vanquish, and got a hold of Rayman Legends. None of them hold my interest. I haven’t felt buyer’s remorse this badly since the Gameboy Player on mi Cube.

Frankly, it’s much more expensive to play these games than were Wii titles, and they lack value in comparison. I go through the stores and find nothing but shooters as well as games with “modern realistic settings” filled with heroes that are dressed casually with no unique flair beyond bland hollywood cardboard cut outs of rebellious teens with super powers.

= Stupid

As for the games I do play often, more than not, I feel rage. Sometimes by frustrating mechanics, but other times because of bullshit.

PSASBR literally punishes me for being cheap.

This whole computer-centric era of gaming really is terrible. The “in” thing these days is to buy digitally because there’s more value at a cheaper price, but then you still have to go down to the store to buy expensive ass cards because there’s no fucking way Sony is getting my personal details. Because my own “paranoia” would be construed as “ignorance” or “over-reaction”, I would be required to with-hold my complaints because “this is the future of gaming”.

I was expecting to eat my words about how the Wii was superior to PS360 because well… “there’s better games on them than the Wii which is all just casual mini-game junk”. And yet…. I feel nothing but relief in other’s delusions. The Wii felt like a proper gaming console mostly devoid of the bullshit games that the 7th generation was flooded with. Largely 3D adventure games like SOTC or Okami which were touted as “revolutionary” and something to be owned by everyone. When picking up a copy of buggy ass Pandora’s Tower, I was asked by the random Gamestop employee if I had played SOTC prior to PT (drawing comparisons to the games). He groans in despair at my lack of “hardcoreness”. Ironically, I don’t even play the Rainfall trio anymore. They’re collecting all kinds of dust. I can go back to games like Sengoku Basara, Sin and Punishment, NSMBW, Secret Rings even, and pure shit like Baroque captures my attention. Why is it that much harder for me to go back to anything on the PS3 that’s not a fighting game?

What bothers me the most is the over-emphasis of the online functions. Even certain polls suggest that the majority of HD console users have poor internet and barely use the features, and yet that’s the only way to get the full monty of these games. “Exclusionary gaming”. I noticed this emphasis when, since I HAVE people to play with on what is now stupidly called “couch-multiplayer”, the 2nd player is not allowed to reconfigure his/her controls on a majority of games, most of all Transformed. What if the second player wants to use L1 or R1 for accel and drifting? Fuck em! MK9? Controls use the same set as mine, even if it’s not comfortable for him/her. This was literally disorientating considering we could play Smash Bros. Brawl with completely different controllers on hand. I could just use the Wiimote while the second could use Classic or Nun-chuck. The Wii accommodated local multiplayer whereas the PS3 shuns it outright. I await the comments of “X game also allows yadda yadda configurations”.

Ironically, the most fun I’ve had with the PS3… was in DMC HD Collection. Ports of 7th gen games. Despite their age, they felt like games. How cheesy the dialogue and animations of the old 3D models… everything. Well, except DMC3, fuck I hate that game’s level design.

And I’ve bitched about this several times… but the shear idiocy of the account system that deliberately locks your saves to one account. There is no reason for this feature that benefits me. It enrages me that I have to memorize which account has my saves on it. Why? Because the companies that designed this shit figured they could sell you convenience at a premium price. IE needing PS Plus just to move your saves to different accounts. In essence, you don’t even own your hard work. They literally profit off your labor. If that ain’t surplus value, I don’t know what is.

Even the digital download processes are a hassle. In addition to buying cards, you now need to carefully choose what games to buy, because there’s no  way to refund carded money. And the majority of these games have no demos  to try out. Some even require PS Plus. For a fucking demo, even. Imagine having paid for a shitty game you don’t like (Fighting Vipers) and realizing there’s no way to get back that 4.99 wallet credit without putting in more yourself. You feel stupid and cheated, and less likely to buy anything else until you’re certain this game is what you want. Unfortunately, trying things out is either rare or takes up too much harddrive space, when I could’ve gone down to a Blockbuster and rented the damn shit for a nominal fee, even if their policies were tyrannical as fuck.

The internet (and even the workplace) paints an unrealistic view of what good times in gaming is. Everyone says it’s about this individual gratification from computer-centric games like Skyrim or GTA5. Amma knows I’m tired of hearing about that shit. I feel like the odd man out for going with games that have coop. And that was usually found on the Wii as all the other consoles were all about single or online play.

And yet, the majority seem to agree that gaming is about games, not bloated AAA experiences with an over-reliance on leaderboards, DLC, and digital content you don’t own. It’s very much a social hobby that is more enjoyable with people than with screen names of people you’ve never met IRL. Even “couch-multiplayer” gives you access to all costumes in DOA5U, a benefit of staying off the internet.

That said, why does the industry and the hardcore shun what feels like a game and instead go with scams that make gaming feel more like shackles to the internet via paypal? All the reasons to avoid Nintendo consoles feel like justifications to scam gamers with DLC schemes. And the hardcore love it so.

*sigh* Nintendo… if only you didn’t kill everything that was awesome about you for the sake of your creativity and innovashun…