Version exclusive evolutions.

You know, back in RBY and GSC, having version exclusive pokemon? Ok, whatever. We could get all the important legendaries in one game.

Then RSE came out with version exclusive evil teams and legendaries. Ooooook. W/e. Then you have version exclusive gym leaders and cities for BW and version exclusive forms for BW2. Now it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

Now you want people to buy 2 different versions to get 2 different evolutions from the same pokemon that you can get in BOTH games!?

Well thanks for giving me a reason to break the habit of wanting to be the very best like no one ever was! If it wasn’t those ball crushing honey trees, it’s this shit.

I’ve had a problem with Gamefreaks forced innovashun of how you obtain different pokemon for years after RSE’s “brialle” shit. Trade evolutions were always stupid, but now it’s either that, or buy both games just to get 2 evolutionary lines. Where does the bullshit end? Pokemon isn’t exactly starved for money as its stability has yet to wane, yet Gamefreak cannot help themselves in their desperate bid to try and justify why there are 2 versions of the same game. It used to be because of the whole Link cable business of trading between “friends” or some other gay shit they thought children could get into. But now, they’re trying to justify why you should buy both versions anyway just to get the “full experience”, and then sell a “complete edition” that STILL has some content that’s cut out (cut pokemon). And then they pull that BW2 bullshit where they could continue the cunt fucking of version exclusive forms.

But that’s what GTS is for!

Fuck the GTS.

The novelty of trading pokemon died back with GSC when the concept felt more forced than usual if you were pressed about completing that dex. It’s illogical to make fucking evolutions version exclusive now. Trading is now work for nerds to complete a dex. Or torture for those who had to make the decision between one version over the other due to what favorites he’s tied with.

Keep on justifying Action Replay, GF. That is unless Nintendo fucks that up too. …….Oh wait, they did! Pokemon is dead to me.