Bitching about the GTA5 leak, eh?

And this is all about….game footage. Not piracy or anything of that nature…. FUCKING GAME FOOTAGE!

Shit, I thought Nintendo was bad, Rockstar is actually getting people banned over some game footage getting out before the release date!

I probably shouldn’t talk about fairness as I’m sure IGN, GT, and several sites asked for permission yadda yadda, but this is insane. A small ounce of footage is not going to ruin your sales for any reason. GTA is one of the hottest games in the USA (for what reason, I’ll never know). Watching footage doesn’t = experience. Some people might still want to buy it after watching some storyline cutscene if they’re that pressed. I mean, you do shit oldschool. Don’t wanna be spoiled? Stay off of Youtube! Or w/e streaming…shit the 360 might have. Idk, you just stay away from the internet. It’s not that difficult. Yes, the internet wants shit early, but if you know you’re not gonna have it in your hands by the time there is a leak, then avoid the internet sites that have these leaks. Shit…. happens.

You gotta love that. No racism, no fowl language, nothing on religion no porn pics, no internet bullying or harassment, fucking footage! He got banned for posting fucking footage! When did developers become big advocates of punishing spoilers? You got Nintendo removing cutscenes from Smash Bros. 4 because of  Brawl getting leaked to the west when they delayed our asses about a million times, and now you got Rockster demanding(?) Microsoft ban anyone with any achievements from GTA5.

Ever since gaming went online, there’s been a huge desire by game and console developers to take full control over video games from the consumer. I mean, I could understand if getting the game early meant like… not getting the $60 from that copy…. but it’s all about game footage? Footage DRIVES people toward the game unless it looks like shit!