And yet, Activision is scared shitless.

I have to say, if Video games do not cause real world violence, there would be no reason for Activision to hire a lobbying firm to fight this bill. Such charges would be dumped as illegitimate and further more…. stupid. But of course, all the Tekken nerds who claimed to take up martial arts because of Tekken, and have learned some of their moves from Tekken would completely destroy every argument that gamers have had against video games causing real world violence.

But, I suspect this bill has nothing to do with video game violence. At all.

As I’ve said in the past, anything introduced by the Rockefellers has something sinister going on behind the scenes. Anything they do should be treated with the utmost suspicion and urgency as it can only spell danger for anyone. Back in 2012, there was a version of the NDAA that had the clause of indefinite detention of anyone who might be suspected of being a terrorist, without warrant or trial. This piece of legislation is already fucking insane, but now we have a situation where gamers are being targeted by the Rockefeller legacy. Why violent video games might be taxed and everything.

If you’re a conspiracy nut (like me hehehehehehehe), you should be able to connect some dots here. The video game industry is being targeted by J6 of Virtua Fighter. And that in itself should be a clue as to why this is all happening.

Think back to a few games you might have played over the years.


Conduit games on Wii

RE6 to an extent

Deus Ex

Metal Gear Series.

The Last of Us.

Probably tons of other games too. What do all of these games have in common? Themes that surround government conspiracies and New World Order. Game developers have been playing the roles of digital whistle blowers for quite some time now. DmC blatantly puts that out there in the first few seconds of it’s intro. First it was journalists. Then it’s Internet. Now they’re going after games because developers are dropping dimes. Any method to quell or stifle anyone’s ability to get the truth out there is fair game, even fraud laws based on popular misconception.

Why would the government need to make up a bill to research anything? They’ve been spying on us for years without the Patriot Act, and no one raised an eyebrow then.

That’s the first logical fallacy. Why would the Rockefellers give a fuck about anyone’s lives to see to it that something is done to protect the innocent?

That’s the second logical fallacy. Lastly, why is Activision hiring firms to protect themselves? Afterall, it was the military shooters that were used to train actual military personal for combat situations in Afghanistan. If anything, Call of Duty’s popularity is understandable in that it’s training everyone who buys it for a potential war (and seeing ol’ Barry threaten to intervene in Syria which would mean war with Russia and possible World War 3, that shit is about to hit the fan).

It’s because video game entertainment isn’t completely regulated by the government like Hollywood and television (and soon to be the internet) is. And if the government reigns in control of video games, gamers will be fucked. Because this brand of entertainment will be regulated up the ass, and gamers themselves will be scrutinized as future serial killers for the stigma of Sandy Hook. And with that fucking NDAA bill, that puts a lot of gamers on the suspects list for “homegrown terror”. Unless you’re white. Then it’s just an “isolated incident”.

And he’s still alive, I believe.