You can count on gamefaqs to consistently provide the nut riding capcom fanboys to fly to their defenses with weak shit.

According to this, Capcom has been getting ass raped in the pocket book, and apparently they only have 152 million or so in the bank.

And considering how expensive their games merely look these days, that’s gonna be a pain in the ass to deal with. So, instead they’re going to…. ramp up DLC to extend longevity. Whoever sees this plan working, I hope they can invision pigs flying.

I’m sorry, wasn’t shoddy DLC practices one of the reason your sales were dropping in the first place? The primary people that buy your games are the same rabid fanboys who would defend that bullshit because “it’s your company and you’re free to run it anyway you want to”. Whoever subscribes to that mentality deserves no place in business decisions. The company’s life (unless government wishes to intervene and bail them out like Wall Street) is dependent on those they serve (the consumers). Therefore, no they can’t run their company the way they want to. It’s their company, but we determine if they live or die. As such, they had better serve us properly or they get dips in the cheese.

For some reason, gamers have been held back mentally. “Normal people” can actually wake up and stop supporting companies because they can be “selfish” themselves and realize they’re are more important things than getting the latest w/e (unless it’s a damn iphone). Gamers have yet to grow out of this idiotic mentality. A corporation does not give a fuck about your desires? Hell with them. It’s not that hard to let go of a company or a brand. Nintendo? Fuck em. Sega? Fuck em. Namco? Fuck em. Capcom? Been said fuck em after the Resident Evil ruination back at 5.

If a company burns you and several other consumers over shoddy business practices, YES, you can laugh at them when it slaps them in their faces. You have the right  and the freedom to do so. You know why? Because companies like Capcom make more money than you ever will at this point. To see Capcom continuously get away with obvious scams because of popular branding while you struggle to put food on your table was absurd. To see them fail in their practices and call on desperate measures to make up for their losses and suggest we should be ashamed of ourselves for cheering for this mess? Capcom is nowhere near being out of business and yet no one is allowed to enjoy the misfortune of a bunch of suits who literally insults their fans. “Sheepish!?”

Yeah, I deserve every right to laugh and piss all over these mother fuckers. Ruin the Devil May Cry series and then suggest we don’t know what we like in games.

We don’t like having locked saves.

We don’t like On-disc DLC

We don’t like having no multiple saves on Resident Evil

We don’t like the fuckery of DmC

We don’t like the cancellations of projects that were being supported strongly (Legends 3 for one)

We don’t like having to “prove” we want some fucking games for our console that you will never give us no matter how loudly we scream for them.

We don’t like having franchises altered just to compete with an overrated first-person shooter franchise.

We don’t like Monster Hunter.

We don’t like being skipped in favor of graphical power

We don’t like having to re-buy the same game with updated features anymore (that’s what DLC/Patches are for. But you’re too greedy for that).

We don’t like pay-to-win scams (gems in SFxT).

Capcom has shown time and time again that they are the equivalent to Microsoft and Sony in anti-consumer practices. And they show no signs of stopping anytime soon. They literally think anti-consumer practices will get them some quick cash even.

What better way to take this alleged news than to pop the cork off some apple cider?

Cheers, Capcom, for destroying my faith in the Japanese gaming industry further than Sega and Nintendo ever could.