“Normal people aren’t like us”

If there’s proof that internet nerds don’t know their heads from their asses, this would be it. This guy “learns” that normal people (lovin the label) is vastly different from said internet fandom… by having a real job.

So you mean to tell me reviews don’t mean shit to people? How all consoles appear as gaming devices and nothing more to people? Not bloated “entertainment machines” to take over the living room!?

Everything here is common knowledge to me. I don’t know why he’s acting all surprised that there are people who’d rather just play a football game than say Final Fantasy or any other gay ass RPG from Japan.

If you are reading this, you are above the average game consumer.

Why do you feel the need to rub everyone’s dick? Everyone on the internet feels superior in every way to “normal people” to the point of not knowing a damn thing about them beyond stereotypes based around their inflated sense of unwarranted self-importance. Hell, one glance at the Sonic fandom could tell you all you needed to know about how fucked up the arrogance and simplicity of the internet nerd mindset is. Hell, “Sonic is for kids” is a mantra that removes all doubt that they know fuck all about kids.

I don’t know what purpose this article serves rather than to give nerds an (already inflated) ego boost. Instead of actually shunning “normal people”, all you have to do is interact with those that don’t get stuck on the computer all the fucking time debating about why “we MUST go digital even though we don’t want it.” I mean, this article is so pointless in it’s conce-

Oh, wait a sec….

These are the people who might only play a couple of games a year, and they just play what looks cool or what their friends are playing. They don’t think about the mechanics or the controls and compare it to another game and try to classify what they like about them.

You hear that, Nintards!? GAMEPLAY IS NOT THE SELLING POINT! Is that not the shit I’ve been spittin all this time!?

If there’s any benefit to this piece of shit, it spells it out in clear english that people play what looks cool and fun, not what innovates or has the best mechanics in the world. Is it any… fucking… wonder… why football kicks the fat sweaty ass out of Pikmin 3!? They don’t even notice the gameplay, they’re just having a good ass time!

Thank you, random internet nerd, for confirming the Nintard’s greatest denial. That gameplay means jack shit to… “normal people”. Now, I await karmic destruction of the X’er’s greatest denial when Lost Mind bombs next month too.

We are the weird ones for reading reviews and talking about review scores. The public just buys games based on the series’ clout or the cool commercial they saw for it. Marketing departments know this, and that’s why we keep getting endless sequels, billboards, and commercials during the Super Bowl.

Translation: Fuck Metacritic.

I still love how people think high scores on Metacritic equates to a game being a “success”. I harp on about Okami so much because it is the most relevant example of gamer nerd arrogance and vanity. They can’t seem to admit that it has no appeal to anyone except them.

This begs the question of why Sega keeps removing Sonic games with bad review scores. I mean, Sonic 06 is the worst Sonic game known to mankind….. that made platinum hits bitch. Someone’s lovin them some Silver the Hedgehog! Who the hell would look at a game like Sonic Colors and think (based on the title) that this would be a “cool” game?! I feel sorry for the kids who got that game as a christmas present and had their peers in school laugh at them and taunt them about how awesome MK9 was in comparison.

What we don’t have is a way for the public at large to know things like the fact that the Wii U is a new console with all-new games. That you can buy digital games not available in stores, or you should read a few reviews before spending your hard-earned money. That you can buy games significantly cheaper a few months after they come out.

Come again!? You mean…. people don’t usually buy games at cheaper prices!? That means…. used games AREN’T DOING ANY HARM!!! Where’s that cry baby bitch ass David Cage, he needs to read this shit in plain English. Heavy Rain didn’t sell not because people found a cheaper means…. but because it’s ass and people don’t wanna waste money on it!!

I take that back, this article is awesome! If bitches won’t take it from me, they can have a white boy confirm it for ’em! Spread this mother fucker around the nets. I wish to taste nerd tears.