He feels there’s hope for Lost Mind.

Jim Sterling is one of the few people I agree with on his views of gaming, which also doesn’t sit well with a good majority of hardcore gamers. He’s essentially brushed off as being an asshole and less credible than folks like David Cage.

That said, his views on Lost Mind, while fair and his own, is troubling. Given that the majority of people who like Lost Mind will instantly attach their praise with that of authority, Sterling praising a Sonic game that’s already got more hype than needed will only cause more hype. Especially since his hopeful view is based on gameplay reasons.

Though he says “don’t hype yourselves over this game and be cautious”, that’s not what people will do. The fandom will be frenzied that another authority figure praises Lost Mind for something and doesn’t “mindlessly bash it like the grimderp fanboys do”.

I’m hopeful he’ll change his opinion when the actual game comes out. I mean, he feels Colors is shit afterall.