A new character in the arcade version?

Yep. Expensive ass DLC on the way for this one.

Seems like Tecmo is digging deep into Capcom’s strategies for getting more cheese. The difference is DOA isn’t even a highly popular franchise thanks to negative stigma from those damn volleyball games and… general gameplay being “newb friendly” I guess. Capcom can get away with this stuff because obvious name brand recognition and fame despite their schemes being exposed and general middle-finger policies as of late. Tecmo doesn’t have the luxury of being dicks. I’m gonna save the questions of “why didn’t they include X character with Ultimate” for all the forum brats to debate, justify, and fight over. The question I want to know is why do they think they can get away with shit like this?

Oh well, as long as it isn’t Brad from Virtua Fighter, I don’t really care.