Congradulations, though.

While It tires me to see more news about some damn Kickstarter project every 2 months, it’s nice to see Inafune is getting support for his projects. Fans must be starved for Mega Man. Hell, me too! I do so miss the days of Mega Man X, taking down all those mavericks and doing all I can to avoid using Zero’s weak ass. This new project though, I ain’t feelin it. It doesn’t look all that appealing, and the main character looks like a dork. Still, I’m sure the project was funded by “gameplay over content” purists.

On the other hand, I would just keep it on the PC and save everyone else’s money. PC’s are practically in everyone’s home, meaning the game would be more readily accessible to a wide variety of people. 360 might be the best choice since for some insane reason, people keep buying defective products but that’s just me. No one wants a Pii U and PS3 is only used for movie viewing (and Last of Us, apparently).

But yeah, good luck. Hopefully this project won’t have some insidious blond jedi ready to steal the spotlight.