Why would you want to be second party to Nintendo!?

Kamiya is the guy who gave birth to the awesome Devil May Cry Series. And Bayonetta, a game no one cares about except the nerds. He’s so damn misty eyed that Nintendo “saved” Bayonetta so much that he wants Platinum games to become a second Party to Nintendo.

Most of this is about a crappy ass looking game called Wonderful 101 which I’m sure isn’t going to hit big numbers, but if he’s thinking about putting P* as second party to Nintendo, then…

The pimps, playas, and pain pervayahs would be out of jobs.

Pff. You think P* doesn’t stack paper to the ceiling now, just wait until Nintendo throws them under the bus in favor of Toon Zelda. Didn’t they completely hold off Xenoblade’s release in the US because they didn’t want that game to overshadow Skyward Sword?

“I would love that. It would be great to work more closely with Nintendo.”

Oh, you’re breaking my balls, mang.

This guy is way too thankful for this sequel. Bayonetta 2 is not going to do anything for Nintendo or your career. And yes, the game looks neat. But what good would it do in the long run if it’s on a console no one owns?

Now see, as much shit I talk about P*, they DO have talent. Too bad it’s wasted on franchises with no appeal, but I digress. Sega’s already a lost cause and they’re in bed with the mother fuckers, but P*!? That’s a tragedy waiting to happen