At least he’s honest. And yes, I know this is old.

Sonic started out as a platform title but, as we got to the more recent ones, it changed to be a more speed-based game. Recent fans will be familiar with that speed-based gaming, but with Lost World, we wanted to win back the platform fans. We don’t just want old Sonic fans to come back, though: we want Mario players and other platform gamers to enjoy the new game, too.

We figured that out with all these damn screen shots that scream Mario.

Another issue is the “wanting of old Sonic fans to come back”. We’re leaving because you’re only using cute shit to try and win us over. We don’t care about the badniks. Or Oil Ocean’s cannon’s coming back. You’re not gonna win us over with thinking in extremes. Alternate paths to the finish line aren’t just readily available either, you actually had to LOOK for them too. Not just rotate the world and OH NEW PATH! New areas came from exploration into the world, not just this one off cannon that’s conveniently placed in your face.

Iizuka has no understanding of what Sonic fans actually like. Nor does he give a fuck. How do you go from working on Sonic 3 which carried over elements of Sonic 2, and then wash all that away with Lost Mind to appease people that are clearly not Sonic fans? Instead of trying to figure out how to make Sonic appealing again on it’s own merits, they take the DmC/MGR/SC5/RE6 approach and try to cater to a completely different audience. No one thought turning RE6 into a survival horror Call of Duty was a good idea, and sales prove it. Thinking that turning Sonic into Mario is somehow a “good thing” continues to boggle my mind to this day. The article talks about “sonic purists not liking the idea”, but this isn’t exclusive to any fanbase. NO ONE likes this kind of shit. The blender technique of mixing genres and/or franchise elements has always been bemoaned because it’s admitting that the original merits just aren’t good and have to be replaced. The unique aspect of the game/show/movie is labeled as “shit” and is thrown out with the bath water.

I’ve said this a few times, when you like something, that something is imprinted on your soul. So when the creator basically says it’s shit, he’s saying the fans are shit as well (which is why people get overly defensive when you shit talk their favorite games. It’s essentially an extension of themselves). So Sonic fans have now been told that the object of their fandom is shit by the developers themselves. Iizuka carries the authority card which deals a crushing blow to the fans. Internet fandom treats authority as something of holy and religious value (the creator is god, the almighty creator).

That said, Iizuka is admitting what makes Sonic unique is shit, so he must cater to a different audience because the wild perceptions of the industry say that Mario Galaxy is sex on Wii. There’s only one problem with that idea. RE6 tries to be more like COD because COD actually sells out faster than anything. Galaxy barely made a dent. NSMB was a different story up until now. But everyone bemoaned those games for “regressing” instead of “evolving”. Evolution and innovation are overrated as fuck. Tekken still plays like ass and it still sells (sans TTT2). I like how most of the comments are assuming that “Sonic needs to evolve” when Sonic’s been doing nothing BUT that. And no one liked it.

The psychotic nature of the Sonic fans demanding Sonic to be exactly like Mario is damnding at best. It’s not even about Sonic being popular anymore as they think Colors and Generations brought the series back to greatness. For some reason, they desire Sonic to be absorbed by Mario. What is the point of this desire? Higher quality? Hardly. Sonic being a mere clone? What for? It’s like this absorbency is the ends that they want…. just for the sake of it. Everything these fans beg for is just for the sake of it, and not because they really want it. What benefit would this absorbtion have for the Sonic series other than it being labeled as just another Mario clone?

Sonic cannot be separated from it’s origins. One of it’s selling points was being a alternative to Mario, not another clone for the Sega Genesis. This is not the same as suggesting Sonic return to his roots. I think I speak for everyone when I say we’ve had enough of that Roots bullshit for the last 4 years. Every game since Unleashed was a claim to going back to the fucking roots. And what kind of roots? Aesthetic designs that appeal to classic fag sensibilities, and that shit doesn’t cut it. poor imitations are not the roots. And I laugh at the idiocy in proclamation that Lost Mind goes back to Sonic’s roots. This isn’t at all Sonic’s roots. This is Sonic in Nintendo Land. Even the Casino zone looks retarded.

Oh well. If every other fan of every other franchise felt “abandoned”, I guess it was going to be our turn at some point. Someone should make a “list of ways to save Sonic from Nintendo’s fuckery”. And no, I ain’t gonna make it.