Because of America’s religion of Capitalism. The mantra of “get money at an expense” “Ends justifying the means”. All that bullshit.

Fuck yer Metal Gear Rising

Recently purchasing Playstation All-Stars used (fun game, actually. More enjoyable than Brawl in some ways as all the characters have PRACTICAL MOVES), I am treated the bird being flipped on my tv screen by an advertisement for an online pass. And this happens all the time. Everytime I boot the mother fucker up, it begs for an online pass. But given that I have a little integrity left, I see no reason for this feature to be disabled. Nor do I see the reason to be denied content unless I pay extra (yep, hacking sounds good right about now).

What puzzles me is the amount of support this BS gets in the real world. While we’d like to think that everyone hates DRM practices, those in their 30s (most of the gaming populace I believe is around this age) support this mess under the pretense that used games are costing companies money. This has never been the case for everyone who lived during the 6th generation. Money was still good, money was still coming in, and everyone who didn’t own a gamecube was happy. But see, the industry slammed head first into the sudden “HD craze” which started to hemmorage cheddar like crazy. You would think that the outrageous development costs for HD gaming would make the devs rethink their ambitious passion to “evolve gaming” via visuals and nothing else, but the option to scale back costs was considered “unthinkable”. So to continue using high costs for pretty visuals (and ditching the fucking Wii because of ideologies instead of economic strategy), we now have developers trying to cut corners…. on everyone else. The customer has to be punished in order for developer passions to remain in-tact.

Let it be known that there is never any good reason to lock content away from people who have already paid their money for the game. Never has been, never will be. But of course, those that are well off would support this scheme mainly because money is nothing to them, not that it’s good for you.

Turns out, even those that earn piddly ass $200+ paychecks every 2 weeks have this same mentality. That used games need to be crushed (the same people that go to Gamestop and make them rich, no less) so that the industry can thrive. It pains me to see another brother talking about how used games are killing business when it’s really the business model and the shitty products they put out? There were less people playing the PS3 and the 360 in favor of the Wii. Hell, the majority of PS3 owners don’t even play games. They just watch movies all day (which was probably Sony’s intent, they don’t give a fuck about games). Yet, while they think this way, the majority working class wouldn’t buy the HD twins en masse.

Perhaps it’s all in the mindset. People are struggling for money, so they feel that getting cheese by w/e means possible is alright. They apply this same “logic” to corporations and suggest it’s “common sense” to prevent our convenience for the sake of them getting money. I’m sorry, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to withhold the ability to move save files in between accounts on the PS3 unless you BUY THE FUCKING FEATURE!? Because trophies!? Naw nigga, Sony was just being a greedy fuck of a company. And yet, these boot-lickin negroes would STILL support this bullshit.

Used games already have less value by virtue of them being used. They may not work properly, might have marks or scratches, cover art is ruined, probably has no manual, etc. Denying CONTENT by virtue of having bought a game used is unethical. Working class types have no concept of what unethical practices are unless it’s in the work place, or some shit happens to them.

And this mentality gave way to the former Xbone polices. Ironically, people actually started getting selfish about their own preferences in battle AGAINST new standards being pushed on people. But that shit is already here, just in a much softer form. You think Microshit and Sony ditching DRM polices means something? 3rd Party developers are very stubborn and, if I may use the term, selfish about their own visions being brought to life by some bullshit called “photo-realism” and they’ll be damned if anyone takes that away from them.

Why is it that regular people cannot see this? Instead of thinking about corporations as these giant stone buildings that sell shit to people who have the choices of buying or no (meaning WE have power over them), they instead throw caution to the wind and fall over themselves in favor of them screwing people over.

It could be propaganda. The unread customer, the gamer who is not a critical thinker, would look at DRM and say “maybe I’m the reason this favorite company of mine is losing money. I enjoy their games and do not want them to stop making games or else I might have to find a new developer to call my best friend”. It’s tempting to take this route. One of my favorite devs (Hudson) did close house back in 2013,  and Atlus recently shut down too. But were their downfalls due to used games or due to being completely fucking niche? No one plays Bomberman anymore, and the Persona series was the epitome of niche entertainment. Niche is not allowed in states of economic weakness. And unfortunately, so many games fit that description unless they’re shooting or sports games.

Whatever the reason, the customer will not see it that way and instead blame themselves and every other gamer that wants to buy games at lower costs., being fairly popular on the internet, makes it known that gamers are “self-entitled assholes” who think we should get w/e we want when we want it. Problem is going into game development means going into an entertainment business. Meaning you HAVE to give people what they want, when they want it. If people read for humor, and Cracked said “to hell with that” because people looking for humor are self-entitled assholes (based on one or 2 examples they bother to show), then they’d lose readers. Me? I don’t think anyone bothers if I’m not talking about Sonic the Hedgehog, I’m just that nigga that talks about Sonic.

But I digress. Buying a used game should be your business. If anyone asks what your right is to buy used, the answer should be “fuck you is my right”. The game should have the full content for the full $60 you payed for the shit (which is not the case for PS All Stars, they STILL want more money for 4 characters and 2 stages), so why the fuck would I bother getting the full version if I don’t have the full content and I still have to pay more just for that content? And somehow that’s fair? Encouraging or euphemistic strong-arming gamers to pay extra to pay extra?

And yet, developers stubbornly refuse to cut back costs. And now since we have 3 HD consoles currently being supported (Wii ain’t gettin shit), cutting costs is a shrinking option for developers. Of course, none of them want to cut costs but would prefer to slash away features we got for the price of the entire package and hold out for more cheese. The fact that the Working class basically let this happen out of some pity for these assholes gave birth to the Xbone. Microsoft is the pioneer of anti-consumer practices at this point. They were the perfect vessel for the 3rd party madness that is their passion/greed.

Everyone outside of the internet seems to be just a tad bit more insane than I gave them credit for.