Ok, now Sega is being completely retarded. They honestly believe this game is so tight that they’re now daring people to pre-order a Sonic game.

What exclusive content do they have?

Not the character… but bosses…. from the game itself.

See, now Sega is confusing me. They so badly want this game to be a mass market product (for Amma knows what reason) but then they pull this shit. This is a tactic that specifically targets the hardcore. Not even the hardcore care about Sonic, so this preorder bullshit is a waste of time.

And what do you get ? You get 6 bosses and ONE, not 6… ONE new level!

No really, this bonus edition sounds like shit. Who buys games for bosses? Or content from a series no one cares about? Iizuka and the gang seem to be buying their own hype and thinking Lost Mind is more awesome than it really is to go and make some bonus edition for pre-order. When your company mascot is so niche that no one buys that shit anymore, putting in more shitty content is not going to help your money troubles.

Sonic’s Lost Mind is right. There are so many things wrong with this game that spell failure before it even launches. It’s exclusive to a console no one buys, with the only intent to “save the Pii U” and not please fans, has terribly unappealing content, a piss ass coop mode that is only Tingle Tuner and NSMBU touch pad copypasta bullshit, return of the Sonic Dolls from Colors multiplayer, magenta music note Sonic, stupid villains, awful looking worlds, and so far, a crap OST which… wouldn’t be the first for a Sonic game *cough*rush*cough* but damn dude. Not only that, but the blatant, anti-fan attitude coming from Iizuka himself spells an even worse picture. Denying this game had anything to do with Sonic, coming out multiple times saying it is a Mario Galaxy clone, spitting on fans who WANT to play as anyone besides Sonic all the time (the coop mode was a blatant middle finger), and telling people to go to a shitty spinoff series that;s been decreasing in sales and interest. And now a bonus edition with nothing on it that anyone would want! You can SMELL the arrogance and self-assurance of this company.

This game is only the beginning of the TRUE destruction of Sonic the Hedgehog. 06 and Colors were simply the calm before the storm.