Audience of 3, Nintendo officially gives no fucks. This here is a level from Pilotwings, a game no one remotely cares about. Not even the Nintards care about Pilotwings. It is clear that Nintendo is turning Smash Bros. into their personal Nintendo history class, it’s not even funny.

Wow, now that’s what I call “exciting!”

You know what game they should use for a stage? Custom Robo. You know, something resembling that which people could get into. Not some piddly ass flight sim no one bought. I mean damn, no one even knows what Pilotwings is.

BonkinHead’s comment is delicious. Now you know this game is just gonna have some obscure as fuck references all for the sake of “teaching people the wonderful world of Nintendo.” I think this is because of Melee and how many people begged to know what Fire Emblem and Custom Robo were. Nintendo is banking on the Nintards to learn more obscure games and exporting them in hopes that the hardcore will buy them in droves and “SAVE THE PII U!”

You know what could save the Pii U? Minecraft. It actually sold the damn 360. The Wii could’ve used that from 2010 and onward. It’s not like it couldn’t be ported at all because shit graphics (hahahahahah). Imagine that? A low tech game selling a high tech machine.