With the love that Lost Mind is getting despite the anti-consumer attitude Iizuka has for the fans, it’s quite shocking that the last few announcements have some fans shaking in their boots. Even he feels that wisps are replacing other Sonic characters.

The author is absolutely correct in that Wisps don’t sense in context of Lost Mind. Colors was sensible as the power ups were intertwined with the content of the game. The point of gameplay is to serve the job of you interacting with the game’s content. The gameplay is not the selling point, and never will be. Take the superman games, for instance. When you play Superman, you imagine yourself being immune to bullets. But there is a superman game where you take damage from those bullets. In context, that makes no sense.

Wisps make no sense in context of Lost Mind. In Colors, they all returned to their homeworld. Why would they appear in Lost Hex? Because SOJ personally likes them? That makes the decision completely irrational and based on personal preference. Not self-control or logic within the context of the games. There needs to be grounding for the content of a game to make sense. Giving Sonic wisp powers at this point feels strange and pointless. Shadow using Guns felt strange and pointless. We all know what Shadow is capable of, so why use guns? We all know what Sonic is capable of, why use wisps? We all know the Master Sword is the blade of evil’s bane, why solve combat puzzles with non-offensive items?

After Sonic Boom, it’s pretty clear that we won’t be getting other playable Sonic characters in the future. Iizuka’s arrogance is proof. People outside and in of the Sonic fanbase demanded the lack of Sonic’s “animal friends”, and the core Sonic fans are paying the ultimate price of IGN style reviewers filled to the brim with CGS. The phrase “be careful what you wish for” has never felt more appropriate.