So according to resident shill site “The Sonic Stadium”, Sonic Boom had the lowest amount of attendees in history, only getting 300.

Everyone who is commenting is trying everything in their power to explain why the show failed to gain a larger audience. Ticket prices, location sucked, etc. But all of them avoid the truth of the matter.

The majority of people I talked to (even visited my old elementary school) don’t even know Sonic exists. Sonic is so irrelevant and invisible today, even the audience the series is strictly geared toward doesn’t even know what Sonic is. As for the older crowd? They don’t even know Sonic games are still being made. You couldn’t even hold a conversation for Sonic the Hedgehog. It drifts toward Nintendo’s latest bullshit.

No one cares about the next Zelda or that Wind Waker HD is a waste of money, but Nintendo’s fuck ups are 100x more interesting to talk about than the latest disaster that Iizuka and Nintendo are concocting together.

It doesn’t matter ticket costs, locations, or anything of that matter. People genuinely do not care what it takes to get to what they like. If people love something, they will come, no matter what the cost. Humans naturally sacrifice things for what they love. Money for drugs, dream careers for family, college for bitches, it doesn’t matter. If people loved Sonic, you would have more than enough attendees. Human nature drives people toward something when they really want it.

Do you really want to attend a Sonic event period? Or would you rather go to a Pokemon convention? Or how about King of Fighters? Or Soul Calibur? Mortal Kombat, even? All of those events sound more attractive than Sonic conventions. Why? Because those franchises still have appeal.

The truth is simple. Sonic just isn’t appealing anymore. When the next Sonic game in the series is as saccharin as an episode of Johnny Test, there is no point in getting excited for an event with the promise of more footage. Even Froggy and Chocola Chao are more interesting than Sonic’s Lost Mind. Why should one pay for travel and the event when there is virtually nothing of worth beyond some “extra footage” and Crush 40? E3 is still special because you can find a wide variety of games and possibly booth babes (if they haven’t been banned yet). Not to mention some crazy and bizarre shows. No one cares about Sonic the Hedgehog because Sega of Japan doesn’t care about Sonic the Hedgehog. This little event is just there to appease the nerds of the fanbase. Iizuka doesn’t even want to be there, dealing with the bastard Otaku of America.

What is there to look forward to in Sonic’s future? More wisps destroying any worth that extra characters would have, more silly exploration based on scavenger hunts than alternate passages, more silly puzzles and arbitrary puzzles that don’t belong in the series, more poorly written stories, more pathetic universe expansion, more saccharin content, orchestrated campy music, pff. Generations told fans all they needed to know about the direction of the series. And it’s definitely not worth investing attention into.

Why would you attend an event for a series that is getting progressively worse as the years go by? From a company that has shown pure fucking animosity toward a certain segment of fans for the last 7 years? Who do nothing but cheap experimental work for every single installment with no standard conventions for gameplay and content? Exclusively on a console nobody wants? But it’s just “ticket prices” stopping people from going. It’s obvious that Sega has been burning a thousand bridges since 2008. Doing as much as possible to punish the fanbase for their “insolence” of daring to have a free mind.

The last time anyone got excited for Sonic was back in 06. Since then, Sega hasn’t done anything to make the content of Sonic appealing ever again. It’s a neutered series with no fangs to call it’s own. It is declawed. Given a serious breast reduction. Impudent and incapable of satisfying the needs and desires of an increasingly shrinking audience.

I used to think Colors was an ok direction for the series, along with Generations, mainly because the fans were once again happy with the series. Finally, a direction that satisfies. Had I know it was only the gameplay whores and “cheerful crowd” who thinks an extra dab of saccharin bullshit was good enough to revitalize interest in the series, I would’ve never bothered. A fool I was. Sonic Boom’s lack of attendees is indication that even the nerds aren’t interested in Sonic the Hedgehog.

And the embarrassing Sonic dancing to stank booty gorilla noise? Worst fucking thing I’ve ever seen. It’s mortifying. If I knew that shit was going to happen, I would never have watched this crap.