Nigga please.

This is like… what? The third time you’re pulling this shit!? All these “wait and see” promises are empty and devoid of worth or merit, just like your souls.

I remember when Capcom declared that they would release RE5 on Wii if RE4 and Umbrella Chronicles did well enough to see of Wii has an RE fanbase. Of course, seeing as RE6 sold up to 4 million and that wasn’t enough to satisfy Capcom, the fuck makes you think the combined sales of these 2 games would convince them of anything?

Then we have the Mega Man Legends Controversy, and believe me, Capcom shit the money bed on this deal. Cancelling the project despite the support it had because “it just wasn’t enough”.

Ok, first off, this is the same stupid ass company that has the balls to make an Okami spinoff. Okami, a series that doesn’t sell, but now when it comes to games with marginal interest, you say “well lets see how much support it gets”. See, Capcom is not gonna be satisfied with the numbers. They KNOW damn well there is very little interest in Sengoku Basara internationally. What the hell is EX Troopers?! What do these assholes expect!? 35 million names on deck for 2 games knowing they won’t sell overseas? And why should they? Afterall, both these games (despite that I do like Sengoku Basara) come from the animu shit stain category.

Does this look like a success to you? We could get a similar looking game from the constant streams of animu RPGs, or even Sly Cooper, hell.

So my question is WHY keep this game going when international releases are not going to happen? This is just trolling at this point..

I think… Capcom may be trying to get on the good side of the nerds, seeing as their reputation has been soured by their recent slew of controversies surrounding the one save file on RE3DS, the destruction of Resident Evil period just to compete with Call of fucking Duty, the horse’s ass DLC practices (especially on SFxT), the death of the Devil May Cry series, the constant piss takes on Mega Man, saturating the fighting game market with cash-in updates, etc. Capcom has been on a roll when it comes to burnin bridges with their fans. I personally don;t see any reason to export the game over seeing as anime is a dying breed everywhere, even in Japan!

Capcom, just be honest with your fans for once. You’re not gonna export the games. You’re NEVER gonna be satisfied with any given number of support for these games, and you’re fucking pooches with everything you’ve made. Your reputation is in the shitter, only held up by the psychotic SRK crowds who drool at the chance to replicate Daigo Umehara’s amazing comeback.

And how much you wanna bet they’ll fuck up the Strider Reboot too?