How predictably sad

Software sales just over 1 million units for new console system

Nintendo’s Wii U console sold only 160,000 units worldwide during the past three months, with the company blaming a lack of first-party releases for the poor performance. Software sales for the system were just 1.3 million units.

In the previous three months Wii U sales were 390,000 hardware units and 13.42 million games, which left the company short of it’s projected 4 million sales in the financial year.

God damn! Even with the critically acclaimed Pikmin 3?

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The Wii didn’t have a problem like this! We had trouble finding one in stores after launch! But Pii U? Damn man. Even the store I work at had the bosses trying to desperately sell that piece of shit. And the trip part is the Wii is STILL outselling the Pii U. Not going by lifetime sales, but if the Pii U was really hot shit, Wii sales would’ve slowed to a pitiful crawl and Pii U selling like hot cakes in the past half year. Ditto for 3DS.

And software only has 1 million total?  Worldwide? What the fuck makes these X’ers believe that Lost Mind can sell period!? A Sonic game that barely ANYONE outside of the internerd universe even remotely knows or cares about, even?

Man, I bet the Nintards are marking their calenders for 2014’s ULTIMATE COMEBACK! BECAUSE SMASH 4 WILL SAVE THE PII U! DEFINITELY!

I’m marking my calender for when Nintendo ends production of Pii U.