I think Lost Cause is a more fitting title at this point. Don’t you agree, my audience of 3?

I’ve never seen people get so excited over every little bit of news so much like an obsessive Pokemon fan. The presence of “cute shit” and one line of dialogue is enough to send the fanbase into a supremacist hive state. It is official that due to an abnormal rating, Zavok’s death threat, and a casino level, that this game is perfection, and no one can complain about it.

It has barely been 3 days and already, people are showing signs of “IN YOUR FACE” attitudes when an announcement creates a vague contradiction toward the skeptics. It’s… entertaining, to say the least. Clearly I’m too old to be a part of this fanbase. I have to be as childish as these psychopaths who are more interested in shoving their own superiority into your face, as if gaming news is only to be used as a tool of intellectual combat and domination.

One would wonder what the point of it all is. Knowing damn well the game isn’t going to sell anyway, they appear completely oblivious to that reality. These 3 factors will not ensure success.

For 1, the E10 rating is the equivalent to PG. That only means it MIGHT have content needing parental guidance. But that means nothing in the long run because PG content is tame in comparison to what could be seen in PG13 or R-rated stuff. It doesn’t make the game less “kiddy”.
I’m always amazed by how damned furious gaming fandoms can be when the object of their fandom is labeled “kiddy”. And with Sonic fans, they seem to switch back and forth when the argument is convenient for them. First, it’s wrong for Sonic games to target children, then Sonic is meant to be for kids, but then E10 means it’s not for kids. I mean goddamn! I thought the Nintards were alone in lacking integrity and intellect, but this is America, and we’re obsessed with “being right”. Being right doesn’t require rational and analytical thought (both of which many X’ers do not possess), but as long as your forum buddies agree with you and boost your karma/rating points up a notch, you could care less. I suppose with a series that was about nothing but spectacle, an element that does not require thinking, that Sonic fans would be the most brainless bunches of idiots on the face of the Earth. It’s not even shocking anymore that being 10 years old equates to having your balls dropped. Must be that damn Pokemon giving people the wrong idea.

Secondly, Zavok’s dialogue does not equal a fearsome character. Everyone grows fucking MOIST over “lay down and die!” Wasn’t dialogue like this the “wrong way” to do Sonic games? I mean, Sonic isn’t supposed to be “dark” right? Even then, we have not even seen the extent of these retards power aside from brute strength. If that is the primary case, there’s zero reason to be excited over these villains. They don’t even look like standard Sonic characters, for pete’s sake.

And lastly, and I absolutely cannot stress this any more, the presence of a Casino level is not interesting. Sonic tropes have never been interesting. Seeing variants of the same 1 or 2 popular levels from the 90s is not going to reinvigorate interest in the franchise. Especially with Green Hill. We’ve seen that damn level at least6 times over the course of 3 years if we count itunes games. And Generations. And Sonic 4. The Casino levels were only popular due to the pinball gimmicks (which spawned a Spinoff of it’s own). Not the aesthetic itself. If anything, Collision Chaos does that even better. The Casino level brings nothing new to the table. And why would it considering how lazy and uninspired the entire game comes off as?

And one of the marketing techs for this game is new content. I have YET to see anything new beyond that fucking music note power. Recycled content with Nintendo aesthetics does not = perfection. The return of the old badniks is a play on nostalgia. Why not design NEW badniks? If the game is supposed to have new content, why not make new badniks instead?

It’s pathetic seeing the behaviors on display. Just imagine all the hype, and we get a product that resembles Sonic 06 in execution. The hypocracy and irony that would preceed the shitstorms would be glorious indeed.