Apparently, Nintendo and Sakurai really DO hate the idea of Smash Bros. being “hardcore” to the point that they were trying to BAN IT FROM BEING IN A TOURNAMENT!

Oh Amma! I take that back, Sakurai. You’re a bitch. What kind of jack ass company would go out of their way to shut down a tournament!? Free promotion for their own game even?

Oh wait. It’s because they featured Melee, the so-called “hardcore” Super Smash Bros. title. Nintendo wants to promote Smash Bros. as a “family oriented” fighting game without the desire for competition and the quest to improve your skills. It’s just supposed to be a “wholesome and fun” fighting game. Promoting Melee at EVO sends the WRONG message about Smash Bros. Smash Bros. isn’t about kicking ass. It’s about being a party game that “everyone” can enjoy. Except the “maniac players”. How did Melee become the “Wrong” kind of Smash Bros.? Because someone managed to find an exploit in the game’s physics!?

You have to love what one person referred to as the passive-aggressive nature of the Japanese game developer. Their messages are so subtle, but their maturity is never cloaked. Miyamoto with “dress physics”, Aonuma taunting players about the touch screen in Phantom Hourglass, Sakamoto telling fans that they have the wrong impression of Samus and decides to “correct” their assessments, wow. Nintendo is an asshole factory. And not just them. Classic Sonic in Generations is a worthless character whose insignificance is bashed over your head several times throughout the game, showing how Sega really feels about old Sonic (because old Sonic is Western brand coolness. New Sonic is Japanese Marty-Stu bullshit). It kinda makes you appreciate the fanservicey nature of Capcom and Namco a little. They let the fans decide what they want (unless it’s Resident Evil, then you get a director who plays god with his own fanbase because he wants to beat COD) and they try to deliver. Nintendo flips you off 20 times without skipping a beat. They DELIBERATELY try to piss you off. And if this isn’t proof enough that they want to control the way you play video games, I don’t know what will.

Oh, what? WHAT!? Because they did a 380 and said “nevermind”, I should just ignore this!? They knew their image was fucked the moment they tried to touch EVO. And the fan backlash (people who raised money for this tournament on the sake of cancer research  would be PISSED OFF) was only natural. If Nintendo had nothing to lose, they would’ve never backed down. If EVO spoke out against them for it, the damage to their image would’ve been catastrophic, and no amount of standard Nintard brand damage control would save them from this event. And Nintendo NEEDS a good image, so their PR wizardry is in full fucking force. If the Pii U is in bad shape, it needs to be in full force. And I love how people dick ride the “law” in support of Nintendo. Where was this support when Sega sued Level 5 over a soccer game? What, going after other developers is seen as “bad”, but going after fans is “lawful and just!?” In the words of Bobby Brown, this world is a trip!

Nintendo reigns supreme in their arrogance and desire to be the dictators of quality entertainment within the gaming industry. Always forcing their shitty innovations on people, and suggesting nothing is wrong with them. Dictating to their fans what they SHOULD like, instead of what they want to like. No game company is entitled to your money, but Nintendo is entitled to a free-for-all ass beating after this shit. No one asked for an involuntary ass fucking from you bitches, and you just keep doing this! Why should anyone support Nintendo when they have shown time and again that they do not care about their fans, their expanded audience, or even the health of video game entertainment? They’re more caught up in their desires to reinvent the will of innovative gameplay that no one cares about, sabotages their more successful games because they don’t believe in their direction, and tells their fans that they are WRONG for liking something. They are WRONG for liking Metroid Prime over Other M. They are WRONG for liking Twilight Princess’s art style over Wind Waker’s. They are WRONG for wanting 2D Mario over 3D Mario. They are WRONG for wanting a Smash Bros. game that wasn’t designed to coddle little snot-nosed brats and their equally as retarded parents. Did they even give a reason for wanting to shut it down?

Boycott these rotten mother fuckers. Bankrupt them even. Don’t purchase the Pii U for a damn thing. Show these nutless freaks that you aren’t their bitches. String the bastards up and drag ’em like mad savages and let the dogs have ’em. I see no reason to continue supporting these assholes.

Yes, not even you can make me support them now.