There was a person who works on a flash series called “Sonic dissected” who pointed out something about Sonic’s Lost Mind in that one of the characters shares a few traits with a particular Mario character. Some of you have already figured this out. I’m on CP time when looking at this, but here.

Take note of the arms, the horns, and the eyebrows closely. What do you see? Claws, spiked arm braces, spiky ends of the brows. Long, serpent-like tail.

What does one see in these shots? Well….

The question could be asked… with the “Galaxy-like” level design, and the similarities in certain character designs, the “bubbly as fuck” music in certain levels, the gimmicky touch screen controls added to wisps for no exact reason sacrificing convenience for innovation, and the extreme emphasis on “gameplay” over content, it’s starting to look more and more as though this game is being catered toward the Nintendo fans.

Just because Sonic sells more on Nintendo consoles doesn’t mean it’s the Nintards buying them. Unfortunately, Sega’s pretty stupid when it comes to market reaction.