Why are Capcom and Namco fans allowed to curse each other out over whether or not Street Fighter is inferior to Tekken? Nintendo and Sega fans now have to kiss and make up?

Since this whole exclusivity deal between Sega and Nintendo, there’s been a whole host of ego humps around the Nintard hives of net. How this “proves” that Nintendo owned Sega royally during the console wars since Sonic is on a Nintendo console. While I find it funny that people cheer about this but unleash the fucking fury about Bayonetta 2 being exclusive (both from the same company no less), this goes along with the general misconception that Sega is somehow a subsidiary of Nintendo despite there being no proof. This is also a misconception of Nintendo somehow being in a better position than Sega in regards of just having a console. See, Pii U is a console no one wants to develop for. Some reasons are legitimate (just as expensive and even more so because of that fucking touch screen that publishers foolishly believe needs to be developed for), some are a result of intentional sabotage.

Now, it’s been proven that Nintendo couldn’t give a fuck either way because they would always get support for their handheld line. This is primarily the reason they could stay afloat despite the ass whippins they got during the 5th and 6th generation console gong shows. Their handheld line was impervious (and dat Pokemon). they would always get support for their handhelds. Without the gameboy, N64 would’ve probably been their last console. (resurrect Yokoi, dammit.) One problem. Nintendo FUCKED their handheld line with 3DS. Don’t bring up Japan, what about the bigger markets? We keep buying the outdated shit! One, it’s cheaper, 2, it has shit we still want. Another problem is that they’ve abandoned their Wii market in favor of chasing after markets that have already been tapped into. And are SMALL.

See, the biggest advantage of the Wii was, beyond the price, the fact that they put out different products than the over-saturated HD FPS nut-ride fest. It wasn’t this “hardcore machine” so it was anti-hardcore. Pii U is hardcore, and while everyone thinks this is a good thing, Nintendo has to gain the support of markets that are already confident (or as much as) in the Sony and Microsoft bands. And they’ve already been manipulated into not trusting Nintendo for their “dreaded casuals”. So Nintendo is in deep shit. They want the market that will reject them on instinct.

See, going the HD route requires Sony’s strategies of garnering major 3rd party support. The reason 3rd parties love Sony was because of the unlimited freedom they had in making games (well, Capcom had to strong arm them to make 2D games). But considering that everyone is HD, everyone will need to compete for support from 3rd parties. A single console developer cannot run their show alone unless they went with the Wii strategy, which Nintendo has abandoned. And since 3rd parties are wavering their support on 3DS, Nintendo is technically at their mercy.

That said, it’s actually Sega who owns Nintendo in this situation. Nintendo is in a desperate bid for 3rd Party support. So if they want Sega to stay on board (since they’ve shown that they really don’t owe Nintendo jack shit ala Generations and Episode 2), Nintendo had better be nice to them. 3rd parties have un-due control over console manufacturers. I mean, if the Xbone is anything to go by. 3rd parties hate used games market. Microsoft creates DRM that gives control over to 3rd parties. Major support. Likewise with Sony. They apparently have some sort of DRM (or maybe those are fanboys trying to make PS4 look bad, cause I ain’t seen shit about that yet). Nintendo being a console developer only gives them the advantage of not having to compete with other developers since they don’t support the console anyway. But since Nintendo’s games (the majority, anyway) don’t make a dime, that ain’t gonna cut it this gen. Nintendo is pretty much only a console company. They don’t have any other divisions to fall back on like Sony or Microsoft, and they definitely cannot afford to fuck up their handheld line. Sega still has their arcade business in Japan to fall back on (if that means anything). Plus, Sega can go to PC’s if everything falls over. Nintendo is stubbornly claiming that if they exit console hardware, they will close house indefinitely. I haven’t seen anything of Nintendo outside of consoles and bad anime they don’t even make.

Do as I command, you little bitch!

Anywho, I’ve been talking to a rabbid Pokemon fan about this. This person got pissed off about those “Real Reason people hate Sonic” posts where I said “Sonic’s origins are steeped in competing with Mario”. He’s going “Why does that have to be just for Sonic to have appeal again? Infact, why do people always have to pit Nintendo and Sega against each other even though they’re working together to win a console war? I know about all the Nintendo fanboys who won’t shut up about “claiming victory”, but they’re just trolls. You Sonic fans aren’t any better about this, still arguing about the legitimacy of who won the Genesis vs SNES war, who cares!? They’re working together and that shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing by anyone! It’s not some cause to troll people in any regard! This is a great thing for 2 companies to come together blah blah gay shit”.

I’ve practically had it up to here with the “fanboy haters ball” so let me spell it out you all. The answer is simple. We live in Amerikkka. The reason for flame wars or anything involving petty fights is deeply embedded into the nature and psyche of Amerikkka. Amerikkka is controlled by Occidentals (or white folks) whose very nature is that of tribalism. IE, the organization and belief structure of a group takes priority over anything else. People naturally enjoy the company of those who hold similar beliefs, and a sense of community unifies them together.

Normally this would be fine, but Amerikkka is known for being ruthlessly competitive with everyone else. And we all have that desire to “be right”. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean. Everyone in this country could care less about facts or accuracy as long as they’re “right”. We will debate and fight any nigga who shows even a hint of an opposing belief. This is why fanboys will troll mother fuckers at the drop of a hat. Now, most hardcore naively believe this is petty and immature to fight over something so mundane. But I’m willing to bet many of them are christian.

If you are Christian, would you be willing to accept that if you are wrong about your beliefs, then the Quran or even the Torah would be the word of God?  Or that maybe atheism has it’s place in this world?

Occidental religion, from what I’ve learned, is that it teaches the superiority of belief. The quote “thou shalt have no other god before me” comes to mind. To me, it says “to hold a differing view is a sin more punishable than death.” Amerikkka claims to be the most religious (or christian) nation in the world. With that, it’s no wonder everyone is insidiously trying to dominate in a debate. It’s ingrained into us from day one. The environment of the country is steeped in rampant competition. We have to be better then the other person. With Tribalism, people who share the same…. “tendencies” feel some sort of mutuality with each other.

There’s also the incredible influence of Disney films over the years. As stories are almost universally  written from the perspective of the “heroic” person, this is a subtle but disadvantageous idealogy when framed in the constrained “heroes are always good, villains are always evil” over-simplification, into  which we frame our reality since it diminishes our ability to distinguish when we are wrong about something. Complexity is, thus, undesirable and instead replaced with moral certainty, a key element of tribalistic society. Feeling as though your position is right, no matter the evidence, gives strength into the belief structure of your tribe.


Any football fan can attest to this. You have your favorite team, or you got $50 on a team (lets say Redskins), and you got these cockfags coming around with their cockfag essence in the air (lets say Cowboys). You can’t stand the stink of them bitches and you go “RAH RAH FUCK THE COWBOYS!” And all of a sudden, it’s the Streets of Rage.

You get the idea. Maybe not on such a large scale but console/company/franchise fanboys have the same mentality. It’s why Nintendo and Sega fans can’t, more or less, break the habit. Think about the football analogy. If your favorite team is dealt a bad hand, fans of the other team are dead set on making you feel miserable and weak for it. It’s essentially them throwing a box of “I told you so’s” in your face. For denying their tribal beliefs for your own. There’s no real consideration or empathy. In their mind, they’ve “won” something and are concerned and stepping all over you for the increased boost to their ego.  What gives them the right to step all over you? Fuck you is their right.

Fanboyism isn’t because “people are just stupid”. Fanboyism is because of Occidental’s nature. Tribalism isn’t the best thing to have, but it is here. We all have these differing beliefs and values, but insisting people forgo that just so “you won’t be annoyed by it over the internet” is more irrational than fanboyism in heat. One of the things that still gives us some form of identity is vocal conflict. Either verbally or through text. Shit, I’d rather we all fight each other than all be zombie friends. Do you know how scary it would be to see everyone just agreeing, holding hands with each other, having the same belief structure? What’s the point of peace with out an identity?

I’m amazed that some uptight assholes like this exist. You know those types who always complain about the stupid shit people do over the internet like some bougie mother fuckers would complain about niggas in the ghetto. Fanboys are funny folks. They give…. character to the internet so to speak. They’re also fun to fight with. The only kind that isn’t are the Nintards…. and those bitch-made Tekken fans.

No really, FUCK TEKKEN! Can’t stand that slow ass game. Oh you know a fun way to keep the fighters all realistic? By giving us this white devil cave bitch Alisa, some fat fuck called Bob, and some overpowered gem stone called Azazel! WHO THE FUCK thought that was a good idea!? Harada!? You got some splainin to do!

And then there’s Law. Screams just as ball-shrivelingly awful as Liu Kang! Also the resident scrub magnet to compete with Akuma for most whored out character ever made. Oh wait, that’s Devil Jin’s bitch ass! BUNNY HOP BIRD MAN! Lets slap everyone into the air and throw optic blasts like an exploit from Xmen vs Street Fighter, faggot!

Baek! Down+Kick, kick, kick…. ANYONE WANT A SPAM SANDWICH!? I hope you snap your leg off in some retarded TKD olympics bitch!

Oh shit! Raven! NIGGA GAIDEN! Drop that ugly ass Sisqo haircut and stop pretending to be Wesley Snipes!

And then there’s Feng Wei!

Your chin looks like an ass, bitch!

Ahem… sorry. Tekken’s only saving grace is having more appealing characters than Street Fighter. Hey, I like only winning with shoto-clones too! TIGER UPPERFUCK! TIGER! TIGER! TIGER! HADOUKEN! Occasional SHOOOOOOOOOORYUKEN! Gay ass fighters.

If you want a better understanding behind fanboyism, just look no further than those who rule this nation. Whether you want to suggest crackas are stupid, go right ahead. I’ll vouch for that!