Cause you’ll be imprisoned for 8 years bitch!

Boo hoo

Man, I know white folks ain’t got an ounce of consideration in their souls, but damn! 8 years for a joke! NDAA ain’t no bullshit!

What I want to know is why the commentators are bringing up black folks and their so-called “proclivity” toward crime considering the comment wasn’t even race motivated?

Anywho, with this in mind, we can say “fuck Cananda”. But you can’t really call it an overreaction. Teenagers have been more than fucked up over the years in America. You don’t know what the hell they’ll do next. Yes, the environment is to blame for misbehavin, but officials wouldn’t buy that. But hey, the kid’ll be fine. If that school shooter has yet to be put to the chair, and Zimmerman is still breathing, this child ain’t got nothing to worry about. Well, except having a stretched asshole.

I’m not really outraged by this. I mean after hearing that five year olds were getting arrested for teasing cops, this ain’t nothing. But if you care that much, there’s a petition out right now to have the boy freed.