You know, Atari also makes games on Nintendo Consoles. SNK makes games on Nintendo consoles. Hudson made games on Nintendo consoles. And hey, Hudson actually shut down recently. Where is the shit for them?

People act like Sega is special because they actually made Nintendo realize their mortality? These crackas DO know Sega put Alien Syndrome on the NES, right? And After Burner. And Space Harrier. Sega has made games on Nintendo consoles prior to the Gamecube.

Infact, Sega has made games for the Atari, the Commodore 64, the Amiga, and several other platforms besides their own. Sega was 3rd party prior to the gamecube, PS2, and Xbox. I even owned Alien Syndrome for the NES. Believe me, it looks like shit with it’s one color backgrounds (yellow). And if you thought Christopher Belmont was slow, goddamn this game would make you appreciate (OH THAT WORD) the speed of the gameboy castlevanias.

Even fucking Shinobi was on the NES.

See, this all goes back to Sega’s advertising campaign being “mean” and “bullyish”. This was a common tactic. Nintendo owned the entire fucking video game market. Atari, SNK, and that Commodore company had the same kind of marketing, calling the NES a “kids toy” with that ROB peripheral device. Everyone dissed Nintendo to grab up market share. The difference here was that Sega actually had games people wanted. That ALL AGES could enjoy. Sega wasn’t “PRO TEENAGER” like everyone claims. Yes, they had Sonic, but they also had Ristar, Gunstar Heroes, Kid Chameleon, Flicky, etc. Fuck, even kids loved Streets of Rage growing up. That’s how tight that game was. Mother fuckers got high off that series.

Another thing is the video doesn’t even mention Vectorman 1 and 2 as well as Sonic 3D Blast, all having 32bit graphics, all on the Genesis. Shit, 3D Blast even had an FMV!

Another thing this video fails to mention is SOJ. The Japanese side of Sega loves Nintendo. Yuji Naka has gone on record suggesting that if Sega didn’t have a console, he’d rather put Sonic on a Nintendo device (then again, he wasn’t the most rational person in the industry. He did make that Blinx game and threaten to quit a company over a game engine instead of… you know, demanding retribution for such insolence!). Tom Kalinske had the idea to market Genesis against Nintendo. And it worked for him. SOJ being in love with Nintendo bit them on the ass with the Mega Drive. It bombed in Japan. Hard.

See, this video claims to have “research”, but they really don’t have shit except the regurgitation of internet fanboy drivel. Of course, I wouldn’t expect these nutless assholes to know anything beyond trolling people.