Considering how easy it is to forget E3 ever happened, I skimmed over some interview with Iizuka… again.

You know what’s cracked up about Lost Mind? Pii U version has no online but the 3DS version does. I can already infer that because of the development of using the gamepad’s screen, the budget and technical skill needed to create an HD game that can work on 2 different screens took a toll on Sega’s development team. Though still no details on what this coop mode is. All I can assume is it’s another Tingle Turner Ala second player just marks off places and delivers items.

“I think two really important aspects of Sonic are obviously speed, but also the platforming experience. I think if you go too far in one direction of supporting one or the other then that can harm the gameplay and make for a game that’s not as good. One thing I’m very proud of with Sonic Lost World is that we’ve been able to create what I feel is a better balance between the speed and platforming than what we’ve had in our past games.”

I beg to differ. Sonic was never about a “platforming experience”. He was literally about being a faster platformer. But even then, Sonic games have shit platforming. They were NEVER a true part of the experience. It was just a faster platformer.

However, Lost Mind isn’t fast. It’s the slowest Sonic game I’ve ever seen. Even the mach speed sections (which everyone assumes is Sonic 06 instead of the bonus levels from Knuckles Chaotix) chugs on acid.

Skip to 1:20 for second vid to see what I mean.


It’s always a challenge. It’s something we’re thinking about it in development all the time. How to add complexity for the advanced user, but keep things simple and easy on the other hand. Especially when Sonic is moving fast you don’t want to have a lot of buttons you have to push. As much as possible you want to limit your button pushes while your running to one thing or maybe two things at the most. Something that people can always push intuitively, immediately without thinking about it. An example where we were thinking about this in the new game is the homing attack and the double jump. In the past, we’ve always had the homing attack on the same button as the jump and you know that’s great for simplicity, but there are development trade-offs. Sometimes you want to double jump and you push ‘A’ ‘A’ but the game doesn’t read it contextually, it’s hard to read exactly what the player wants to do. Sometimes the player even with enemies there, they want to double jump, but it does a homing attack so we decided to address that this time by having both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ button do a jump, but one of the buttons always does a jump with the homing attack and one always does a double jump. That way you can still push one to do a quick jump, but then you can separate your intentions by using one or the other.

Or you could work on better enemy placement so that we can keep the simple controls. Iizuka keeps coming up with problems no one has had with the Sonic series so that he can imagine himself “fixing what’s wrong with Sonic”. But it makes no sense to muddle the controls because the level design and enemy placement is shit.

If you wanted to make an accessible game, you don’t complicate the controls. One of the better aspects of Sonic games was familiarity. You had a jump and sometimes an attack button, and you went from there. With all these new gameplay additions, the accessibility is ruined. So now that you’ve gone back to square one to simple controls, you now believe the level design causes problems? Colors and Generations were never criticized for bad level design, just boring. Plus, I don’t recall situations where I wanted to double jump but homed into an enemy instead for any Sonic game. Probably because there were hardly any enemies in the game.

Shadow the Hedgehog had control complications due to gameplay additions. After playing both SA1 and 2 on GCN, I was comfortable using the B button for a spindash. But thanks to your gun crap, I now have to press X. It’s disorientating, but I had no choice because of the gameplay additions. Not that Spin dash did anything for me in that game, Shadow was on some good shit that he accelerated out the ass just by tilting the damn stick! I doubt it’ll do anything for me in this game. All because of this parkour bullshit. When’s the last time Sonic fans begged for new gameplay additions anyway? People wanted to simply move away from the repetitive dimps boost. This seems to be a symptom of “Nintendo creativity” creeping into Sega again. People bitched about Unleashed, Colors, and Generations all because they used the same exact gameplay format, and nothing in these games justified a purchase since you could more or less get the same experience on one game. That doesn’t mean Sonic fans were starved for new gameplay. They just wanted the lack of boost.

This was the issue that Skyward Sword had. Why did they change the rolling action from a simple “Move forward and hit A” to a “Move forward, press button, and then FLICK the Nun-chuck”? It’s an unnecessary change and otherwise dick move.

And I go back to the necessity of needing to hold both shoulders to do a spindash. This was, again, done for “gameplay innovations”, but why not just hold one trigger instead of both? Or a normal face button like it was back in the previous 3D titles?

The candy stage sticks out as a little more unusual, even more than the other stages actually, but it still comes from what we were saying. You’re in the Desert Ruins world now. Even though you might get tired of the desert after two stages you’re going to be in the desert for six stages now. Players might get tired of that. So that’s coming from the idea that we want to try something different. More variety, especially in the worlds that people might get more tired of.

So take them the fuck out! What sense does it make to put in several levels of a world people would get sick of?!

This just sounds like the words of a bonified asshole. “Lets bloat this bitch full of levels people will hate or tire from!” Yeah, that makes REAL perfect sense.

You may have also noticed that there’s been a general simplification of the graphic design. That’s coming from a few different angles. Number one, in the past few games they’ve been using global illumination, baked-in HD backgrounds and they’re very beautiful, but they’re always trade-offs in development and one of the problems is that enemies and rings kind of bleed into the background and it can be harder to see them at times so this time they wanted to try something different and come up with more iconic and simplified graphics that make things pop so the enemies pop more, the rings pop more. Also the simplification of the graphics let us reach an important development goal that we’ve had for a long time which is 60 frames per second. Things definitely feel a lot more fluid at sixty frames per second which we weren’t able to hit in past games with the HD backgrounds. And finally the development team members have wanted to kind of accentuate the connection to the past Genesis games.

One problem. Sonic levels were never Saturday morning sugary bliss up until that awful 3D Blast. It was a techo dreamworld. Levels had more complex and surreal tiles/textures used. They were quite detailed despite being on week hardware. This “style” looks nothing like the Genesis games. Chemical Plant and the Metal Sonic boss fight from Sonic generations looks more like the Genesis games. Hell, Eggman Land from Uleashed looks more like the Genesis games. Planet Wisp looks more like the Genesis games. Lastly, the ring issue could’ve been fixed by making them pop out, not “brownish gold”. But no one complained about not being able to see the rings in the HD games. Again, why are you solving problems with things no one took issue with?

You have to admire Takashi’s wild imagi2nation. His mind is as lost as this game.