America is home to a very deadly disease. We live in a backwards society where complaining is taboo. So much so that there are people who absolutely despise the very concept of grievance. Protest is a declaration of war against the status quo.

Corporations are allowed to get away with so many atrocities due to this disease. BP Oil has yet to be castrated for the damage they have caused to the gulf, and people have already started to respect them and hand over money for some quick gas. Nintendo can abuse workers in Africa to produce machines because “corporations need to make money.” And Pikachu. The need to make money is always the perfect excuse.

Paper is God in America

The one-eyed man is king with indefinite rule over the cognition of the masses. As long as everything is done to make money, tis fine.

In the world of gaming, it takes on a less harmful, but never the less annoying, form.

Back when Pokemon HGSS was announced and we all saw the new artwork for the characters, we were all taken aback by the new artwork of Lyra. Why? Well…

This is not….

Aside from being a completely inferior design, the Pokemon fanbase was in a mother fucking uproar.


Since there was a mass of complaints surrounding the character, millions of fans came together to try and qwell the complaints. Of course, none of this went down well as many of the attempts to ease the pain were petty justifications.

“The game is not a remake of Pokemon Crystal, but a remake of Gold and Silver. Gold and Silver had no female playable character, so this new girl replaces no one! Stop whining!”

This excuse, however, held no more power after the reveal of Eusine, a Pokemon Crystal exclusive character, along with the Suicune sub-plot and Buena’s password, all elements of Pokemon Crystal. So the complaints raged on until it was finally revealed that Kris was officially replaced by Lyra, and not a terrible redesign.

Of course, the argument used was only done out of spite for complainers. Most hardcore gamers absolutely despise mass grievance.  Dante’s hair look terrible? You’re a shallow mother fucker and should be spit upon.

The disease is justificognition. A case in which a sizable group of people try to “justify” the complaints a large and vocal group have on a subject that they may or may not fully agree with. They will create sometimes outlandish theories to explain away why such complaints are worthless to hold, and why the protested subject is actually good or better this way than what or how people would’ve preferred. They could be compared to as a troll if hey are found to be irritating, but more often than not, they are legitimately trying to quash further dissent.

For instance, Sonic the Hedgehog’s exemption from Project X Zone.

It’s old news that Sonic isn’t in the game. The only real reason he isn’t in the game is lack of love for Sonic from Japan. But the justifications didn’t stop after that. The most universal reasoning for Sonic’s exclusion is his character design. Given that the majority of characters present are human or humanoid, it stood to reason that Sonic would not “fit” or “ruin the vibe” of the game. Sonic is an anthropomorphic hedgehog. An animal amongst a mostly human cast would have a severe design clash.

That said, I would love a great explanation for Dorai and Ain Veranos. Two of the least human looking characters in the game.

Another reason given would be that Sonic isn’t a character that can be taken seriously unlike with the rest of the characters in the game. Many of them coming from games with deeper and more mature plots than your typical Sonic game.



When one looks into the content of PXZ itself, it doesn’t even present itself seriously. If anything, the content is incredibly silly and juvenile as can be.

Serious characters are completely out of place for a title such as this. Where as Sonic, who’s next game basically looks like a revival of AOSTH standards, is presumably more than welcome for the game.

Lastly, the easiest “excuse” is the quandary of necessity. “Does Sonic really have to be in this game?” Necessity is the trump card when all else fails in debate. In entertainment, quandary of necessity can easily stomp anyone’s grievances by forcing the griever to re-assess his or her priorities. After all, it is junk entertainment. You’re getting several characters from a multitude of franchises all in one game. So what if one character or franchise is exempt? Think of everyone else included!

Of course, to me, none of them amount to anything, so I get jack shit from this package. The only ones I would care about are Mega Man X and God Eater, but you wish I loved those games that much to consider a purchase.

Infact, more people could say the same exact thing. Tekken fans are not going to immediately gravitate toward a tactical RPG to play Jin Kazama, a character that the majority of Tekken fans despise. People are sick of Capcom’s tropes of using the same Ryu’s and Chun Li’s and Morrigan’s for every fucking cross over they make. And no one gives a damn about Sega’s entire roster. None of them are popular or relevant to today’s audiences (outside of Japan at least). Who the fuck cares about Ulala? Some Baby Spice bitch from a Rhythm game no one talks about or remembers fondly? You’d think NiGHTS would appear as many cameos he gets.

On the other hand, everyone can identify with Sonic the Hedgehog. He is the only Sega character with mass appeal. Excluding him from the roster completely ruins any enthusiasm people would have for Sega’s roster, period. People suggest he doesn’t belong in the game, but considering the entire cast looks like Animu shit stains, Sonic’s presence would at least generate some damn variety. And that’s why this game has bombed Japan. The entire roster is filled with generic humanoid characters that lack distinction from each other. How many firearm weilding characters are in this game? I wouldn’t be surprised if they all came from Sakura Wars or Valkyrie Chronicles in some way, shape or form. Why the fuck would I be interested in that? Capcom would’ve been the best of the bunch if we didn’t get so much of their recycled content for an entire decade. If this was made for the Japanese, these 3 companies fucked up big time. There is a lacking variety in the cast of characters. You either get sword swingers or gun toters. A Cross Over doesn’t need mascots, but for a roster as bland and repetitive as this, you better hang that argument up for the winter cold.

That said, yes, Sonic’s presence IS needed for this game. There are thousands more Sonic fans than there are Mega Man fans, and considering that Sonic fans are mostly composed of those damn X’ers, there would’ve been a higher chance of success, at least.

Unfortunately, arguments like these are put up to you not for the sake of discussion but for the sake of disruption. It contributes nothing and is only there to silence dissent. The hatred for complaints is one due to annoyance. The most content people are those that hate grievances from others. They think “why aren’t they happy!? I find no problem with what’s going on! I wish they’d just zip their lips and be happy for what they have! They’re just a bunch of ungrateful people!” It is a case of thinking the world revolves around them and no one else to share it with.