Just to piss off these whiny assholes from the Fighting Game Community.

Holy shit! Killer Instinct 3 is going to be accessible! IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!Fighting games need to be accessible enough to get enough players into the game and just technical enough to keep things interesting.

It wasn’t like Killer Instinct was a really hot title back then anyway. It was decried as an MK ripoff as soon as it was revealed. And back in the 90s, we were damned sensitive to anything that screamed “similar”. Every SNK fighter was declared a Street Fighter knock off for no reason other than being there.

Making KI3 accessible is the LEAST of it’s problems, if it was an issue in the first place. It needs to perform well on a console that isn’t released yet… and already has a bad reputation at that. And since when did showing up at EVO determine whether or not the game is good or successful? You have fucking KOF13 at these tournaments.

As for the game, it at least looks cool. Sabrewulf doesn’t look retarded anymore. That’s a start.