They’re not gonna put this on Pii U.

Why do developers always have to say “we’re not sure if fans want it, so they need to scream loud enough”. Why don’t you just put it up there and see if it’ll sell instead of yanking everyone’s chain?

Or better yet, you could advertise the games. I see zero marketing for Guilty Gear titles when they release. If they don’t sell on Wii, you can’t blame the fans. Wii Owners don’t even know they have a Guilty Gear game for them.

But they won’t put it on Pii U. It’s not a viable console at the moment. Fans screaming for it won’t mean shit.  Watch as the Pii U fans kick and scream, and then find out ASW screwed them over and goes straight for PS4 exclusive. It’s gonna happen unless Nintendo just forks over the cash. That’s the only way it will come to Pii U.

And if I’m being optimistic, chances of that happening are actually pretty good. Nintendo is like Pac-Man gobbling up exclusives at this point. Who knows, Nintendo might just consider it done.