I assume people are confused when I use this term in my Sonic postings as to what the blue fuck it means.

It’s an aesthetic style that Sega almost exclusively was capable of creating for a multitude of games before the end of the Dreamcast’s life span. It was mostly a skill of Sonic Team until they left. It’s rare to see this aesthetic these days, what with Sega’s apparent focus on making “realistic” looking worlds or generic places like “cake land”.

This was a style that was most prominent in the Sonic series as well as Ristar, Nights, and Phantasy Star Online. It is essentially where level design (in terms of aesthetic features) was created in a way that looks as if it came out of someone’s mind on the influence of weed. It’s psychedelic and incredibly vibrant in it’s use of neon colors. And hey, if there’s any motivation to go through some special stages, it would be just to see how gorgeous they look. I’m also partial to zones that have some sort of gem stones protruding in the back or foreground. I don’t know why, I just like that shit. Probably has something to do with me finding geodes back when I was young.

There’s also the zones that look almost mechanical but are still teeming with life. Sonic games used to have some of the best damn looking industrial levels in gaming history. At least… until Sonic Adventure came around. Ala the “Techno” part. The levels look “technological and futuristic”, but at the same time looks like something out of a fantasy cartoon from the 90s, ala “Dreamworld”. Most of the time, not all. It’s what gave Sonic games their unique feel and essence in comparison to other games at the time.

It’s hard to describe in a way as I’m sure no one would see this “look” if one were to point out certain levels such as:

Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone, and the Special stages in Sonic 1.

Aquatic Ruin, Hill Top, Mystic Cave, and Oil Ocean Zones in Sonic 2.

Hydrocity, Mushroom Hill, and Hidden Palace Zones in S3k along with Azure Lake, Chrome Gadget, and Endless Mines in the racing mode.

The entirety of Sonic CD and Knuckles Chaotix.

Radiant Emerald of Sonic R.

Sky High, Aqua Lake, Gimmick Mt, and Scrambled Egg Zones in Sonic 2 GG.

Gigapolis and Mech Green Hill in Sonic Chaos.

Tidal Plant in Triple Trouble.

I suppose you could count Sonic Drift.

Casinopolis and Twinkle Park in SA1

All the Ark Zones in SA2

Power Plant and Bingo Highway from Sonic Heroes.

Random Castle Zone from S4Episode 2

Everything about Colors (probably the reason I like the game), and a little from Generations

Coral Cave and Sky Babylon from Rush Adventure.

These all feel like Sonic to me. This is what I mean by a “Techno Dreamworld” of sorts. The heavier usage of neon colors that make the game world pop out with a different kind of liveliness than could be seen in any other game. At the same time, it is this aesthetic that goes great with music from the likes of DJ Def Cut and even Diane Charlemagne who sounds suspiciously similar to Sonic R’s singer who was also pretty good. (yeah, I liked her music. Fuck ya’ll. Better than this angry tween pussy rock shit ya’ll got goin on these days). I mean shit, I’m willing to bet there is a higher percentage of people willing to choose this song.

Over this tween ass 4kids/CN style Pokemon bullshit here.

Makes one shit vomit.

As I’ve said before, it is not only Sonic games that had this, but as well with Ristar


Erm… maybe not so much NiGHTS, but close enough.

Then there’s Super Monkey Ball which these days look more like Sonic games than… Sonic games. Can’t find good pictures at the moment, though.

But of course, there’s the magnificent (though computer-ish) Phantasy Star Online.

Nowadays, Phantasy Star games look more generic than ever before, and Sonic games go for the same aesthetic every other cotton candy platformer has, or “realistic worlds” based on Western Cities or Mayan temples.

Do any of the above look like Sonic to you?

Even Lost Mind looks awfully dull and lifeless. The real charm of Sonic games have been all but stripped away in favor of easier pastels and cookie cutter worlds.


If you want Techno Dreamworld, you’d have to rely on the half-assed spinoffs these days. You want realistic worlds, enjoy.