Oh looky, another developer who thinks he knows better than the fans.

What’s been revealed is another create-a-fighter feature that makes all available characters in the game completely irrelevant. Oh and you can transfer those characters to the Pii U game as well! OOOOH! Why the hell does Nintendo keep trying to shoehorn this damned “connect handheld to console for extra wank shit” tactic? No one likes it. When has a handheld-console transition game ever been a hit? Every GBA connectable game on Gamecube bombed from what I recall. It’s like they can’t get enough of this crap. Every damn console that comes out, they’re always pulling this handheld connectivity crap. The Pii U’s controller is already a damn handheld device! Shit. Stop wasting time with features no one is going to use!

Anywho, Sakurai had a few personal feelings toward fighting games and Smash Bros. which is…. the same shit he told us back before Brawl came out.

Sakurai also reiterated as he has in other interviews that the tripping mechanic will no longer be a part of the game. That said, he doesn’t intend to turn Super Smash Bros. into a game that faces the same hurdles as all traditional fighters. Specifically, Sakurai says that he won’t turn the game into another Smash Bros. Melee.”

Course not. Nintendo has this apparent disease that causes them NOT to please their fans. Melee was only the most popular game in the series because of it’s speed and gameplay not being an apocalyptic-ally unbalanced clusterfuck like Brawl was. There’s no reason for Metaknight, Pit, and Ike to dominate so much in this game. And don’t get me started on how badly nerfed Mario, Link, Falcon, DK, Fox, and Ganondorf were. Really, Ganon was my nigga in Melee! Sure he’s not terrible, but he ain’t normal anymore! All of the new characters added? They’re overpowered as shit.

If I wanted to play only 3 characters, I could go back to Street Fighter.

“When I began working on the first Smash Bros., there was a great focus on [highly-technical] fighting games, and that’s something we’ve seen branch off into sort of a niche direction,” he says.

SF4, Soul Calibur, and Tekken are not niche. At all.

“Now, those types of fighting games have a very high barrier to entry for new players, while Smash was always meant to appeal to lots of people from different gaming communities. When you look at fighting game forums, you’ll see a preference for Melee, and yet, I think there are lots of people in the silent majority who don’t post online who prefer Brawl. Ever since I started working on the Kirby series, I’ve always thought about the needs of the less vocal, beginning players of games.”

Excuse me? EVERY prefers Melee to Brawl.  And what of Melee was so inaccessible? Brawl and Melee have the same exact control layouts and gameplay rules. The only things that changed was speed, stupid bullshit like “tripping”, and a loss of balanced characters. Other than that, it’s nearly identical.

True, fighting game companies have done NOTHING to alleviate the barrier to entry for fighting games, and when you have the FGC being so vocal and inhaling their own dicks to care about the “scrubs”, you’re gonna have people turned off anyway. I’m open for more accessible fighters, believe me. I’m sick of needing to learn move set combinations and QCF variations just to enjoy a game as much as another person. And I found Tatsunoko vs Capcom which achieves what I’ve desired from fighting games for a while. More focus on trying to KICK SOME ASS! Do you know how great it feels to finally play a fighter against my fighting game inept friend and have fun with out needing to yell “TRY BLOCKING SOMETIME, DIPSHIT!!”?

But then there’s that damn Zero and Saki…

Anywho, Melee is not inaccessible. The only reason he says this is because Melee has a more dedicated tournament scene. Sakurai probably assumes that any video game with a tournament scene has no accessible gameplay to be found.  If that’s the case, then Sakurai understands nothing about video games or VG tournaments in general. You can make the game as accessible all you want, but the gamer has more power than you. If they can master the game and find tricks to beat the shit out of other players despite all the restrictions you’ve placed upon the player, that is not a problem. But because Sakurai has a distaste of Tournament scenes, he’s completely destroyed the gameplay and fun factor of Smash Bros in favor of trying to keep it out of tournaments. This is irrational behavior. Who gives a fuck where your game ends up!? It doesn’t cost you a dime if the game goes to a tournament. Since the fighting game community is filled to the brim with anal retentive cunts, you should be fucking HONORED that they considered your fighting game to be worthy of their presence. Any developer who earns their respect and praise has gained more advertising than usual. Guilty Gear probably wouldn’t have much prominence if not for a dedicated tournament scene.

They’re helping YOU out, you ungrateful bastard.

“I would say that the speed of gameplay [in the next Smash Bros.] is going to be a little bit less than Melee, but a little bit more than Brawl. One of the best ways to look at the fighting game genre is thinking about this pinnacle—this peak—we’ve built up to where these games have become more of a hobbyist [genre]. I think that trend might be reaching an end.””

What sense would making the speed similar to an inferior game make? People LOVE fast fighting games. The speed and velocity of the characters feel exciting and gives the players an adrenaline rush when they’re beating whole-sale ass on people. Brawl is too damn slow. It’s so slow, the only enjoyment one would derive from it would be the horrible subspace emissary mode. As a fighting game, it’s terrible.

One could assume that a tournament scene would scare away potential fans, which isn’t far from the truth. Fanbases have this unique skill in which they can EASILY alienate the fuck out of people if they do not have similar views or standards to the hive. But that doesn’t mean you FUCK UP the game itself! You alienate the original fans of the game itself, cutting off numbers of potential buyers in the process.

The Pii U looks worse just by Nintendo’s developers opening their mouths.