Not official, but never the less fucked up.

“I know how hated the character of Tingle is in the U.S,” Tanabe started. “I know that people cannot stand Tingle. But to me that challenge is: Could I take this character that is so reviled in the West and just [do] a complete turnaround and make him a beloved, fun character? The idea of that really just gets me going. I know we have made a Tingle game in the past, but maybe at some point down the road. …”

“It’s like love,” Tanabe said. “It’s like romance: You meet someone and you’re like, ‘Oh god, I can’t stand that person.’ And then three weeks later, you’re madly in love — it’s that turn, that quick whip, that motivates [me] a little bit.”

“If we we ever get a really successful Tingle game, maybe we will have like a big Tingle statue out there [points to Nintendo’s E3 booth outside the room’s walls],”

Oh Amma, the words I could use to describe the stupidity of this man. You have to stand back in awe of this guy describing Tingle’s reception to the concept of romance.

Can anyone tell me why Nintendo’s developers want to make games no one wants? We got a Wind Waker Remake (which was admitted to being made because they were sour it sold like ass the first time), and Pikmin 3, and this guy is brainstorming ideas for fucking tingle. THE MOST hated Nintendo character everywhere except Japan.

It’s like bad taste is their culture. The hell is wrong with these people? Nintendo’s devs are more and more continuing to admit their dissatisfaction that their passion projects are not loved by the masses. Miyamoto immaturely blames NSMB’s appeal on accessibility, Aonuma being sad that everyone hated the Toon Style (and kept using it, even mutating the TP style of Skyward Sword) and Sakamoto was obviously pissed that everyone hated Other M. These guys are seriously pissed off and are actively SHOVING games out that no one wants just so you can “understand” them. It’s like those emotional teenagers who run to their rooms, lock the doors, face first into a pillow with tears crying “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!”. Unlike those teens, these assholes are deliberately shoving these asshole games down your throat so you can appreciate their creativity.

You don’t see Sega shoving Shadow the Hedgehog or Sonic 06 down your throat, do you? You asshole Sonic fans will NEVER let that shit slide, but Sega has done everything to try and wash the bad taste out of your mouths.

Nintendo, however, bashes you over the head with games you despise. That 3D Mario game is a piss take on the 2D Mario fans that WANTED varied characters with different abilities, and it won’t sell anyway. You get Spirit Tracks references in SSB4 along with Other M Samus. Village Idiot from Animal Crossing as well.

Nintendo is deliberately using the Pii U to shove their passion projects down your throat. Their E3 line up reeks of “understand us, please”. There’s nothing of value beyond Monolith’s “X”. SSB4 is nothing but an advertising campaign at this point, and Mario Kart 8 is ripping off Sega Racing Transformed.